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  • What's your timezone?

    I should be home around 5:30 PM CST
    I'm EST. I should be available your time as well.
    I noticed you were offering a shiny dragonite. I remember in the past how you wanted a shiny from me when I was a user. I take it you are looking for something if your offering a shiny. Please check out my thread my thread has grown enough now and I would like to help you by giving you some stuff for free:)
    Well all of those are amazing. I have a few things in my box I can send to you, to see if you are interested. Sound good?
    Just tell me what you can offer I won't be greedy ok it's fine if you want more then you should take
    If you have any event pokemon that you got yourself let me know. IV's do not matter to me they just need to be obtained by you.
    Hi there mate, I found you on the friend safari and wanted to know if you would add me. I have a dragonair, sliggoo and gabite. My friend code is 2079-7334-0130. I am an active player and its no worries if you don't want to add me :)
    Hi, would you mind adding my Safari Code ? Mine is 2165-6488-2401
    My Safari has Rhyhorn, 2nd evolution of Tyranitar (what was its name again ?) and the third slot is a nosepass.
    Anyway, I'm looking for a Forretress, It will really help me if you add my friend code ^-^.
    Hey there, i added you as a friend, please add me back (FC: 1263 7106 8712)
    My safari is: Abra, Espurr and Girafarig.
    Hey I'm interested in your FC as you have a Excadrill.

    I'll be on wifi all day, so if you could get on wifi as well so I can grab your 3rd slot I'd greatly appreciate it.

    3969 4633 0700 (Roy in-game)

    (Ghost) Shuppet, Pumpkaboo, Golurk
    Hi could you please add me my friend code 0259-1522-3497. Thank you in advance if you do.
    Hi, i added you from the google docs and was wondering if you wouldnt mind adding me back. Thanks!
    FC: 5043-2716-8843
    Look, I know that we don't know each other, but, can you add my Friend Code??
    it's 5086-2047-0566. Pokémons: Nosepess, Onix, Ryhorn! I really what your FC's pokemons.
    Where are you from??? I from Brazil (-3)
    Sorry for my English, if I wrote something wrong.
    Parise Hey saw your FC on, mind adding me? 3024-5863-9761 Mine has Ninetales/Magmar/Slugma, thanks.
    hey pink, added ur fc from the google docs, please add me back at 0232 8814 9389. much appreciated!
    Hello, I started a conversation but you never replied; if that means you don't want to add me I apologize, but if you want to, I'd be extremely happy. 1650 1495 3595
    I'm Ghost Type with Shuppet, Phantump and Spiritomb.
    Hi there buddy just added your friend code if ya could add me it would be much appreciated
    mine is 0705-2803-5539 and has lillipup,kecleon and chansey
    Whats up pink? Long time no see, just thought I'd check on you and say hello to one of my fav smogonites. Things sure have changed since I was last actively trading o.o
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