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  • For the fun of your scramble, I trust you to not take advantage of the saving restriction, really only use it if you need to save as you need to stop
    Edited scrabble poke a bit. Also, you don't have to FULLY solo rival's starter, it just has to start the fight with it and defeat it.
    Hey I used your guide the other day to get a shiny snivy on Black 2. It worked perfectly! However I found that if you try to get a tid sid on a frame between 30-35 then you will either get no hits or the result would be higher than the frame on the previous page, rendering it unusable. Therefore perhaps you should recommend choosing a tid sid that's closer to 40. I'm just pointing this out because I know there are a few people who have been having problems with this. Thanks again and I hope you post more guides in the near future.
    I figured out what I was doing wrong and got my flawless shiny timid oshawott. I think you should point out in the guide that since starters are technically gifts then there will be a three frame difference if we choose to find the seed through the wild option in the time finder. What I did and I assume you did as well is add the difference in the pandoras box so in my case I wanted frame 63 on the main window to be shiny so in the pandoras box I put down frame 66. I found out the difference by calibrating and doing extra saves with each encounter.
    Btw I've posted some screenshots in the RNG help thread. Maybe you can spot what I'm doing wrong from them?
    Hey PoJ sorry to bother you but with Chaining RNG in Platinum/ Pearl do you have to ID abuse to get the good IVs and shiny like usual or not?
    I'll take a day maybe next weekend and read it through and see how I fare with RNG reporter using this, thanks though PoJ!! ^_^
    Yeah thanks for everything but they don't have users who use RNG Reporter for B2/W2 lol when I asked for help so I'll just leave my pokes sitting in Entralink lol. Take Care :)
    Hey Princess don't mean to be a bother but I have used your Entralink guide with RNG reporter for Black one in the past, Is it possible to apply your guide for Black 2?
    Well well well...
    I was going through bmgf and it gave me a bit of nostalgia. I started talking to Angad and I remembered some more of my old friends. You still active on pkmn?

    I wish I could change my username, but oh well...
    The RNG reporter update says something about proper encounter slots and stuff. Anything you know about that?
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