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  • Just Method 2, please. And what do you mean by frames generated by a Synchronizer (it's been a long time since I've done Gen 3 x_x)?
    Just have them do it at like 3am so no one cares if it lags. Either that or have them find a better SQL database provider that can handle such a large and complex update query.
    Yeah I know, but we're the only 2 "princesses" that are currently kinda active, that is, having more than 100 posts and being well-known.
    Until you confessed about your secret that is :p

    So I'm the only well-known "True Princess" here xD
    haha nope, though I doubt I have much room left. I really wish the group URLs weren't so long.
    aahh, I rng some pokes on VBA but I need palpark they. My problem is in the screen when the save between Fire red and Platinum finish a Save Fialed.. appear, and do not let me transfer anything =S.
    Tell me when you do!

    Indeed. That and typing out the full thing sometimes annoyed me, dunno why.
    PoJ could work then. It's up to you, but Podge has a sort of nice ring to it.

    FourSwordsLord (my YouTube account) and AR are my initials. Kinda fancied it after a bit because it sounded catchy.
    Interesting, never thought about it like that. d: still sounds like a pun on Paige though
    Interesting. I think I found some page dedicated to Pokemon art on DA but I lost the link. Didn't see your icon on it though.
    Also how'd you get a user title?
    Hello PoJ You have some time to help me? I need someone that can upload my pkm. files to PokeGTS after send the pokemons to your 4th gen cartridge for trade to me. I have these pokemon on my Pokechechek, But I canot transfer any to my cartridge because my router dont let me do.
    I like your Heracross avatar d: where do you get all of your icons from?
    It looks perfect for the 'When Heracrossed Over' article
    Wish Maker is this week: Thursday night, midnight, in the EST; 4 AM Friday GMT. Hope you can make it ^.^
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