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  • Wooper appears at night, I'll see about some other slots I guess. I found some decent Timid HP Ice Ability 1 Spreads, only thing is the HP is 30 not 31 but I might resort to them if this keeps happening
    I tried again, and Encounter Slot 5 gave me Wooper, not Riolu. Encounter Slot 8 also gave Nuzleaf, I might be wrong on the latter.
    There were two so it'd be exactly 14, but I guess I'll put them back. Anyway, my set up is like before but no plains. Both Level 38 and 47/48 Nuzleaf are appearing along with Riolu and Nosepass so I'll test again
    It was awesome, thanks for asking!

    I went to Universal park. I couldn't feel my legs the next day.
    6F161FD8 is my seed
    I removed the peak objects so that it would be exactly 14 (e.g. 2) Nosepass needs 18. Should I put them back so it's set to 5 forest, 7 peak and 9 plains?
    Also didn't notice your other questions, but to answer them. I'm at Meadow, I checked and riolu did appear with the blocks maxed out

    Also, Nosepass would sometimes appear, but now it doesn't either.
    I use RNG reporter 9.95. I placed 5 forest, 7 peak, and 9 plains, the level is 7 (I used a code to max their levels). Nuzleaf is on Slot 5 and 8 are level 47, Slot 0 was level 38. I removed some to get 2 forest, 2 peak and 3 forest. Now Seedot doesn't appear, but Riolu doesn't either (before it could appear, but not while RNGing.) However, Raticate appears more often and so do Marill and Wooper.
    All right so I hit my seed and advanced to my frame and stuff. Riolu did not appear, and instead Nuzleaf came up in Slot 5. It was the exact IVs and ability slot I wanted on Riolu too, so the slots were wrong. The seed gave me some other slots so I'll try them out.
    EDIT: 0 and 8 also got my Nuzleaf.
    Yeah I can. I haven't begun RNGing yet, but I can confirm leveling up blocks works exactly as it says. I have 5 forest and 7 peak, and Riolu appeared while 9 plains objects brought out Nuzleaf. I'll give you more updates as I go
    Ok, I think I'm good to go on this. TY. Kinda a shame that some spreads aren't available though, like Timid HP Ice Ability 1. I've only found that for Modest
    Yeah, there is a limit of 30 total overall, but serebii says something about leveling up objects, which makes them count more. What do you know about that? (Basically according to serebii, Riolu will need only 5 forest objects and 7 peak because the objects will be worth 2)
    Also, what about adding more forest and peak objects? how would the priority go? (Nuzleaf needs 18 forest, so would it appear before Riolu?)
    Ok, that helps. Unfortunately, RNG Reporter isn't listing anything for Slot 2. (Timid/Modest HP Ice Ability 1 is what I'm going for) and the only other viable slots are 5, 8 and 9 with this. How should I manipulate this?
    Hey Podge, I'm trying to catch a Riolu in the SS Safari Zone. I've gotten that since Riolu is 10 forest objects, and 14 peak, Skiploom is Slot 0, Geodude and Cleafairy take up Slot 1 and 2, and Riolu is 3. The encounter tables put Geodude and Clefairy on the same slot though, will that be a problem?
    Well I mean we have more people than New Jersey and a ton of people on here we know are from that state...
    I keep forgetting that... And just how many people are from Ohio in general. It makes sense when you put the two together.
    no problem, Hozu said there aren't really good frames between 250k and 500k anyway <_<;
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