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  • Once you're in the game, check where the roamers are on your map, then put their location into the "Search Roamers" dialog box within the Seed to Time dialog box. Once you've done this, tell me what seed it says you've hit.

    At this point, it would help if you could give me your target seed and the time you're using.
    Okay, great. Now you need to go into the date/time options on your DS again, and set the the date and time to however many minutes before your target PikaTimer says (this should be 0 with the settings I've given you). Remember to use the right date as well.
    Then, as you press A on the DS to confirm the time, at exactly the same time, start PikaTimer. Then, quickly turn off your DS, load up your AR, activate your codes, and go to whatever screen you used when calibrating (I think the time for the AR to activate the game varies between the codelist and the home screen, so make sure you use the same one you calibrated with), then, when the first timer on PikaTimer reaches zero, press start (there will be an early beep followed by four close-together beeps - you must press start on the AR on the fourth beep of the small cluster). Quickly go through the opening sequence, and wait at the continue screen for the second timer to reach zero, at which point, press A to start the game.
    Ah, okay. Right, you need to select the HGSS option, and you get three checkboxes for each roamer. Check the E(ntei) and R(aikou) boxes, then enter the routes each of them are on into each text field beside their respective boxes. In the "year" box, put 2010, and in the second box, but 59.
    Then click generate, and a list of times should appear. Pick one, and select it. Then, in the row in the middle, set Delays to +99 and -99, and Seconds to +1 and -1. For now, leave the "Odd/Even match seed's delay" checkbox unchecked. Then click the second generate button.

    Now, open up PikaTimer, and enter your most common or average calibrated delay in the "calibrated delay" box, then whatever the delay for your seed is in the "wanted delay" box. Then enter your calibrated second in the "calibrated second" box, and 59 in the "wanted second" box. Then click create timer.

    You should now be ready to start trying to hit your seed. I'll explain that once you've done all of this.
    okay, well, in RNG Reporter, you should see a button that says "Time Finder". Click it, and the time finder should come up. Go to the "Shiny Egg" or something like that tab, then follow the steps from the previous post - remember, if you got odd delays while calibrating, go for a spread with an odd delay, and go for an even spread if you got even delays. See how far you can get with that.
    Because of Celebi's nature, a large invesetment in sp def can be Stat efficient and can grant extra stat points. However, I am not an expert on this. I could always ev wipe all its stats excluding hp.
    Sorry, I need to go again. If you want to try continuing on your own, look for the guide on Shiny Egg (I think it's Part 6) in the PRNG help thread. You'll be using PikaTimer to hit your delay, so ignore what it says about how to reset, and instead use the PikaTimer guide I linked to earlier.
    Go to the time finder, then under the shiny egg tab enter your desired attributes along with your ID and SID. Set the delays to between 750 and 850, and find a spread with a delay that matches the even/odd pattern you got while calibrating, ie if you got all odd delay numbers go for an odd delay, vice versatile for even. If there's more than one suitable spreads, go for the one with the lowest frame. Once you've chosen, right click the spread and select "copy seed to clipboard". Then close the time finder window and go to the main window of RNG reporter, and paste the seed into the box that says seed (hex). Now go to "seed to time," and enter 2010 for the year, 59 for the second, and click the HGSS rado button, and check the E and R boxes, and enter the respective routes into each. Then generate, and choose a time. This is your target time.
    Oh, right, yeah, you won't have released it yet. That's fine, I was just thrown by you saying they were all out. Right, now, what's your target seed? That is, the seed you found in the time finder earlier.
    Cool. In that case, it's probably best to re-save, but before you reset or turn off the DS, note down the positions of each of the roamers - if you don't, weird stuff can happen that screws up your seed verification. VM me back once you've got that done, and PikaTimer downloaded.
    Hey, if you're still doing that Breloom on HG, I can give you the next steps now. You need to download PikaTimer - the download is here, and there's an explanation here.
    Before we can go any further, I need to know what roamers you still have out. You mention Raikou earlier, so I'm assuming he's still out there, but are Entei and/or Latias out too?
    Okay. You'd better rest for today. Shoot me a VM when you see me online so I can teach you. I'll be heading home also in a bit.
    Are you sure about that? Bring 5 pokemon (1 pokemon with sweet scent). Let's do the calibration phase first just to make sure. Do you have IV check codes in your AR? And what version are you using?
    Well... It might take a while. But once you get the hang of it, it will be easy. :) Have you done the calibration phase? And do you have AR?
    Sorry, I need to go now. You can leave it here if you want, or you can try following the guides past this point, and I'll try to help you tomorrow if you get stuck.
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