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  • the "at least one remaining" part does not make sense as I always defeat whatever roamers were not RNG targeted.
    From what I hear HG/SS is similar to DPPt but no coin tosses nor journal flips to guide with. Also the legendary birds are RNGable preferably one at a time while defeating the unwanted ones, then re-do again after E4.
    giratina's IVs are not fixed if defeated in distortion world. Let's say it gets re-created along with a new set of IVs. RNGing becomes easier the more you do it.
    I have caught a few shiny distortion world giratinas which are not easy to RNG or capture in anything else besides a master ball. If location is not important, I would otherwise defeat it and it will re-appear in the turnback cave.
    hi i don't really know anything about RNG, not sure why you're asking me!
    I haven't tried Wild Eep's program to attempt for OT/IDs which get desired shinies. I only reseted some games until there were desireable spreads on them.
    It took me 2 weeks to get it right the first time and then it got easier after I got more familiar. This stuff does take lots of patience.
    Only other way possible to transfer arceus and similar wondercards without sending the game cart is through an illegal ROM method which we don't discuss in the forums here.
    RNG is easy once familiar with how to work with it. I only use the AR for checking IVs which helps a lot.
    you need a badge to have one, its called a custom title. learn how to earn badges in the "Badge FAQ"
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