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  • hey let me know when you can trade sorry it took a little longer than expected i was on the phone
    Ordered accordingly. I do have a reserve copy already on hand, so shall we attempt to arrange this for tomorrow evening?
    Pardon the again intrusion. After I blast Lebowski with the Sting of Joy for misreading Latitas as Latios, I can confirm that there is only the HP Ground one, and only in 4th gen.
    In his infinite wisdom (read: I am going to go all Freudenstachel on him), he has "reminded me," (read: First time I heard of this) that we have a shiny Fire Latias on 5th gen if you'd prefer.
    According to the calculator, the Hidden Power on Latias is Ground 70. Could surprise some people, I guess? Also, if you have the means to copy things on 4th gen, then business can be transacted now if you wish.
    I need to check with Lebowski if he had one already, but I'm looking right now at Frillish and Golurk. Note of course that Latias hasn't shifted to 5th generation.
    I apologize. I've been rather negligent lately, but I will endeavor to get back to you shortly.
    Oh, and no nicknames for me this time. I take forever trying to figure out a good nickname, so that's why I've gotten lazy and my new Pokemon aren't nicknamed. XP
    I had to restart the game, sometimes that makes it work, sorry for all of this waiting. >.<
    Nah it's ok, I will make some clones for ya and be back on :)
    And sorry for the disconnect, my internet has been terrible lately. D:
    Yeah, I'll give you the Riolu for your Durant. As for the Slowpoke, you'll have to wait for Fedoraman to get online again. Just VM me whenever trading is convenient for you. :)
    PS - if you want, I can make, say, 5 clones of it for you in exchange for a credit to be cashed in later if I remember. Let me know.
    Oh - I need to trade you the Scizor on G4 - is that OK? Use my Pearl FC for that - and what's your G4 FC?
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