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  • ok so which day would it be best to meet up I'd rather not sign on and just randomly drop in, in case you may be busy with something else
    7-12 PM EST and next week is spring break for me so my schedule is really flexible then, and which channel would you be on in IRC?
    hello, we've been paired up in the Battling 101 tutoring program, I wanted to contact you so we could work out some kind of schedule or meeting times if that's fine with you
    We're matched up for the second round of the NU world tourney. The best time for me would be anywhere between March 8 and 11. How about you?
    if you want to battle now for the random tourney, I'll be on CAP for the next half hour
    Please take me in for the BRT....

    Anyway, just musing out loud here. Do you think we can have some sort of procedure to make sure that overshadowed suspects get a fair test? i guess that it would be related to the "quick boot" procedure, but seeing as that hasn't been resolved...
    I mean, sure, most mons deserve the full test. Cress and P-Z are the first suspects who lived up to the hype surrounding them. But if someone like Heracross enters UU(which is looking likely), does it really need 6 weeks till it gets banned? I mean, it's essentially a better Gallade. And look what happened to Gallade...
    Hey, You should edit the OP of the BRT... loads of people joining!
    P.S. Nice Idea!
    Yes, one more thing, I did read reyscarface vs. syl beforehand and it was amazing, but it doesn't seem like any other recent ones have had very good feedback.
    What do you suggest? These past 24 hours I have decided on a format using:
    Team Layout: ----- OOOOO
    Hit Points:

    And I said, somehow the "impossible sign" had issues, which made the whole thing hard to read in general, so I'm replacing it with a dash.
    How else may I serve you in terms of quality?
    Mmm, yeah, for some reason, it came out wrong. I couldn't fix it right away because I really really had to get some sleep.

    Mmm...sorry about the Skarmory-Breloom thing; both players were rather new to Shoddy and still not used to the overall style of gameplay. The "thing" that made it Warstory-able (I really am not sure what you guys want in a Warstory, but I think you guys expect a close game) was that I was in a very bad position but was able to come from behind against all odds (yes, due to hax, but that part in itself was epic).

    I'm planning on trying another one. It parallels the first one where I get severely beaten, but come from behind with my final wall. This one is my Wallrein beating out lead Swampert and then Leech Seed Celebi.

    P.S. You haven't come on Shoddy in some time, haven't you?
    hey umm in response to that thread being closed it wasn't intended to be fifth gen speculation. Honestly it wasn't supposed to be speculation more of a just for fun group discussion. if it was in the wrong forum I'm sorry but it seems like you rushed to close it.
    im ready to battle for the random tourney, so just let me know when you're done with the tour.
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