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  • >_< Sorry. Force of habit.

    Also, the fodder I'm giving to you was given to me as fodder. It's an Adamant, 31/31/31/31/31/31 Poliwag. Do whatever you want with it.
    And can you give me a not nicknamed version of the Umbreon, please? Just re-name it "UMBREON".
    See you on. And don't forget to bring one piece of fodder, and add both of my f.c's. Give me the fodder first for the Piplup. I'll be back on shortly after to get the Umbreon on my Soul Silver cart.
    >_< I found it. My g/f put it away...In it's original case. Woulda thought to look there.

    Now my AR isn't working for whatever reason. I might need to find a cloner first.
    I might have to put our trade on hold for a biuit longer. I can't find my Platinum cart. I have an EVd version of the Piplup as a trained Empoleon on my Soul Silver, but you loose out on Agility as the egg move.
    I wanted to stay over on Marriland. I liked it there, but when they reformated the look of the site, my computer refused to upload the pages, so I was sort of forced out by my old computer.
    Hum, sorry to randomly barge in, but would it be possible for you to trade me a few TMs?
    Well I can teach you, but only in Platinum since AR broke right when I wanted to learn how to RNG in HG.
    LOL well howdy there so hows the Marriland trade god doing?

    now now do i see a move from marriland to here possibly?
    Pretty good - I joined a long time back when I saw that (unfortunately) Marriland was starting to be dead, lol.
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