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  • Yeah, I actually saw it shortly afterwards. I'll lead with my Lickitung, George, probably, though I am hesitant to double up on the type weakness there... But he has a vast variety of attacks, so it should be fine. My second Pokémon will be my Privatyke. Doesn't seem like a good choice, I know, but my other options are NidoranF (WEAK!), Caterpie (...) and Klink, who's inhibited by the magnetism. Privatyke is probably our best option, unless you think Nidoran would be good?
    rewindman, since you'll be my partner in the CAP ASB Tag Battle, we should probably discuss our teams. What were you planning on using?
    Hey! i noticed you in TRC if your having fun and enjoying it there you should also join my group as well Team Plasma its a branch of TRC! Im currently looking for Admins and executives etc. If your interested join up!

    Team Plasma Boss/TRC Admin Echosofchaoz
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