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  • hey your approaching DQ for your match against TheWolfe, just thought id let ya know its your action
    I reffed your update already, but... I'm not posting it yet, mostly because I'd like to tell you that your Yawn will fail as it is right now because Duosion is actually still sleeping. Duosion will wake up when it's her action, and since Shine is moving first, yeah, she'll Yawn at a sleeping target. You can edit your actions and I'll change accordingly!
    Nvm about the 20 heal thing, I misread or something. IDK what it was, I was so sure someone changed the heal to 20 instead of 25!
    i already read that, which is why i did it in the first place. but i disagree with it. go ahead and change actions.
    after some talking with goldenknight, i think the thing with taunt not working was pretty dumb and i agree. so right now, your volcarona is taunted and you're free to change actions!
    themogrunner should probably get full rc and if spenstar is the one getting dqed, i think there was a ruling change that he would get nothing. the others will get full prizes (unless it's KO counters, it's what has been obtained so far).
    It's a pity that your tutee kinda... disappeared. I'm happy to know that you've taken over the match though!
    "Magnet Rise: The Pokémon uses electromagnetism to levitate up into the air. Its body turns golden, and Bulldoze, Dig, Earthquake, Fissure, and Magnitude cannot affect the Pokémon for the next six (6) actions. Earth Power's effectiveness is reduced by 3 BAP." - The Data Audit Thread
    Hey man, Goldenknight said he wouldn't be able to continue reffing our match so I'm gonna look for a sub ref, you should try to get one too
    ready for reffing! BTW I don't think sleeping Pokemon can be taunted, so keep that in mind xD
    Hi, I'm up for reffing your multi battle with the 3 other people. PM me your ASB team, thanks!
    You guys should probably be discussing this in a chat or something where we can't spy on your tactics, olol. Dunno if you know already but we're waiting on rewindman at the moment, just so you know~
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