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  • If you want, I'll make you 5 copies (6 in total) in exchange for a credit to be used in the future. :P
    Hi, sorry if I made you wait so long but I had to go to England to work ... I can make the exchange between 40 minutes because starting again tomorrow to go to Spain
    Good doing business with you - communication errors not withstanding. :P

    You've got 1 credit in my thread. Have fun!
    Oh - that's a DIFFERENT Dragonite. Sorry. I'm coming online w/ it now - you can keep the other one

    I'm online now.
    1. I know it's not your fault that Smogon's slow today...
    2. Sorry if I came across as rude.
    I know SMogon is shit slow today, but if you're online and can't connect,
    1. You need to TELL ME, so I don't think you're just not getting any of my posts.
    2. You need to leave and re-enter because sometimes that fixes communication problems!

    Sitting there waiting for me to "show up" when I've already said I'm online (and thus HAVE ALREADY SHOWN UP!) just wastes both of our time!

    Let's try again in an hour or so.
    OKay, Smogon is slow as %*^&(*)) today. I can't wait around for you to reply - especially since we both have each other's FCs in and should be done by now.

    VM me later when Smogon's NOT %$^%&(*)^%ing up.
    I can't pokeshift yet, so I'll get those to G5 guys, then give you the Dragonite on G4. Ok?
    I just saw you online - where did you go?

    Please hurry - I've got to go out for dinner!
    I'm sorry to postpone again the Exchange but my wifi doesn't want to learn to operate .... tomorrow and we will share a third pokemon as a gift so I forgive for disturbance
    are online but do not see (all day I have problems and the connection is very slow) if we fail today we Exchange tomorrow, because now there are 24 00
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