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  • Hey man :) IIRC I was just pointing out that the set the guy was using actually limited its unpredictability, since being Choiced obv. means the opponent knows what he has to pick. Since the set had no attack investment the unpredictability of the opponent not knowing the item is almost never going to make up for losing the ability to change moves.

    Hope that clears it up :)
    yeah, the Ninetales set is not a "counter" to Tyrantiar/ Politoed, but does better than most sets still. As for the infraction, it was probably worth it, since that was definately one of my most "memorable" internet rants, one wears off tomorrow morning too, so I'll drop the icbb soon :)
    Yea I already saw some of them, but some where made when the 3 dragons (Garchomp, Salamence and Latias) were allowed so they had a different synergy. Okay I didn't know there was balanced defense, but then my team 3 should be balanced offensive just like my second team.
    Well I guess this is the playstyle I prefer. You have to wait till you see team 3, since I think that is balanceddefensive (not sure). I can pm you the members already if you want with the movesets, so you can think for 2-3 weeks what to adjust.
    Yeah with team 3 there are some pretty common pokes I use but that's bc I don't build anything around a sweeper, just with synergy and stuff.
    My exams start in about 1,5 week from now on till 2,5 week from now on so after that I have time to post my new team so I can look forward to it after the exams!
    Thanks for the compiment. I really put a lot of time in this RMT. I am already making my third one in Word as I told you. I already have 3 members + text finished and I can tell you the information is a lot more than the second and first one. I guess my teams are good thanks to you as well and off course the other raters like Tomahawk and 2sly4u (and more) who also helped me. I don't like 5th gen since it is 4th gen + more but yeah I don't like that 'more' since I liked it till gen 4 with the pokes. I don't like the new ones and new movesets/attacks strategies etc. Yeah there are more experienced raters like you but well I think you are a pretty good one. I also sometimes rate teams and find it is very hard to do, especially teams that are almost finished sine you have to read through al these posts.
    Lol is there a word limit on VMs lol lol. Thats very funny. Yeah I will read the PM.
    don't underestimate base 135 attack! And zen headbutt has better accuracy then meteor mash
    I just want to see how team three turns out and depending on that maybe I will play it again :) I am glad you had time to rate it, you're a pretty good rater actually since most of the times just like in my first RMT it is just a conversation between us. In the beginning when I posted team 2 it took a while before I had a few replies (I thought 2 the first day, 1 the second and after that a few days nothing), but when you had time to rate my team changed rapidly in the good direction, thanks for every rate and I look forward to your rates in team 3!
    Hey shreWZ, how have the exams been??

    Been testing out the new team additions. Tentacruel, I dunno.. he helps quagsire immensley of course, but he gets KOed real quick even with Wish support, and even if he survives Toxic Spikes don't help Quags when he already has Toxic xD. I will keep using him for the time being, as Rapid Spin is vital for my teams survival, but I'm looking at testing out Venusaur as well.

    Togekiss, however, is downright excellent! Wish lets me actually keep rotom alive, and heal bell makes Quagsire laugh at statusers. But what really sealed the deal was when today my team got 5 taken down by Porygonz (He died from LO recoil.. I didn't judge his moveset correctly; Skarm could have walled him). Togekiss KOed Blissey, Skarm, Breloom, Scizor and Tenta (think it was tenta) by herself! She is golden :D

    Anyways, you've given me some excellent advice as always, thanks for that :)
    id just like to note that agiligross is not a joke; zen headbutt ohkoes offensive rotom and with a jolly nature it outspeeds scarfgon.
    Yeah I already PMed you that I did and asked you for prediction advice remember. I tested team 3 1 till 3 weeks ago so 2 days ago I putted the sets etc. in Word so I only have to wait 2-3 weeks from now before I am going to Copy Paste it in a new thread.
    Well most Gyara carry Taunt/DD/Waterfall and Stone Edge so Stone Edge has only 80 accuracy and most of this sets have Leftovers. Well with Leech Seed I can stall the LO Gyara since they most likely have DD + 3 attacks so no Taunt. If I face a ResTalk set I don't care, just Leech Seed and the only thing he can do is Waterfall or Roar so Grass Knot comes in handy here.
    Okay but I will just keep the Jolly one I think, just because of the speed and since everyone has a Jolly Natured Flygon when scarfed. I don't really test this team since I told you my predictions suck and I deleted my PO account. Maybe I will try it soon. You can also test it on PL and VM me the results/threats etc. if you want.
    I think I can find the link of KG stall. Maybe you PMed it or something. Yea I can add a threatlist but since my team is finished so far I don't want to make time for it I guess since well there are not a lot people looking at it anymore when it is finished already. As you said most Vappy's don't have Ice Beam so I always have Leech Seed and Slugde Bomb so I just have to wait till Vappy gets poisoned. Grass knot > Energy ball mainly because the chances are pretty low that Grass knot is 60 bp, most of the time it is higher: vs Gyara for example 120 bp STAB.
    I saw you rate my team again. I think my team is finished so far so in about 2-3 weeks I will post my new one.
    Okay good luck with your exams then! I don't know his ev spread but I think the 192 hp, 64 spdef, 252 speed with Timid nature works too. You can see the first post in my thread to see what came out of it. Oh yea I chose Grass Knot > Leaf Storm on Venusaur just because I don't like the spatt drop etc.
    Okay thanks for helping. I saw his warstory (I saw you were looking at it) and know his Sub + Roost + Toxic Zapdos won him the match, so after I read that I thought changing my Zapdos set to his. But I couldn't find his thread with the ev spread etc. I think I am just going to use the Smogon set with 192 hp, 64 spdef, 252 speed with Timid Nature.
    Woow 4 weeks that's long. Mine only 1 week. About Zapdos what evspread do you recommend 192 hp, 64 spdef, 252 speed Timid Nature or 248 hp, 220 spdef, 40 speed Calm nature? Toxic is better in this case I think since Toxic Spikes can be absorbed or spinned away. I have used this Sub + Roost set before and it did pretty good since it is certain to get the Toxic status on your opponent (if it hits and no steel type/ immunity ability, and no heal bell in play). This Sub + Roost + Toxic Zapdos also makes the bulky side of my team better.
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