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  • My exams start in two weeks so I have time now, so I hope I can post a RMT around that time.
    Yeah good luck with your exams mate. One short question: about my Zapdos do you think I should change it to Sub/Toxic/Roost/Thunderbolt or the set I now have?
    Yeah I saw your conversation, pretty funny lol that it came down to stall. Indeed I also think bulkyoffensive is the best playstyle since it can be stallish like your 191 turns or with the team you are able to sweep with pretty bulky sweepers.
    Hi shreWZ!

    Yeah, that was a long match xD Lots of interesting decisions. I honestly believed Venusaur had no grass attack o.O Yeah, thanks man :D I've been trying to use more strategy in my matches, it seems to be working :) Gonna have go try out that bulky offense stuff too; it seems to be working wonders for you xD

    I honestly can't remember my match with srs @.@ I know I had an incredibly long one against argine though (he used Lanturn xD) Will o Wisp seems to work wonders with it.

    Well, wishing you the best of luck with your exams. Go get em shrewz :D
    a fairy
    a fairy
    yea!!! go get em!!!
    Okay I edited my first post and extented it with a link. About the VM yeah I thought I VMed it to you XD.
    I will try both. Thanks for the Meta set, it seems good and I will credit him for the sets.
    Okay thanks for the link. I also see reyscarface has offensive Cune. Do you think I should run max spatt, max speed or the set reyscarface has?
    I did read your additional comment, but I couldn't find the RMT so could you give me the link?
    Yeah I will wait some time to post it since now I have 2 good teams and I've been playing with the 3rd one already. It also depends if I get suggestions on team 2 from other members. Thanks again for helping with my team and I look forward to help you with your team!
    Good luck with your exams! I will be posting a new team soon (I have a new one). Are you going to post your team in past gen teams?
    Damn, I got on to see you for about 5 minutes and I had to get off D: When your online, its bedtime here :p Anyways, good luck with the exams mate xD talk soon
    Hi ShreWZ!

    Yeah, we'll need to get up an RMT for Wats, he's having a bit of trouble ATM. Damned servers always down :L Anyways, working on perfecting the Luc team and switching back to Donphan, Hitmontop is just getting SE'd too often :p Fight again soon! xD
    Hi Shrewz! :D

    Gave a rate, but not much I could say; you're alot more experienced than me ;)
    Would love to battle against it, hopefully I'll be able to get on soon (not sure if the servers down, but I haven't been able to get on for the last 2 days :P).
    Shame That
    Shame That
    five years later still won't follow back :v(
    Wowwww. Pls vB doesn't even have follow haha
    My timezone is gmt -8 but I long in around all sorts of times. Yeah, I've actually built teams with multiple leftovers and whatnot, but for the team you saw I personally put the item clause onto myself to force creativity from me :) My PL acc is rakstay. And thanks ^^
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