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     np SS UU Stage 2 - Here Comes The Sun (Gyarados & Primarina BANNED)

    Boi I come from VGC, let me get it: -First Impression works only the first turn in a Fake Out-esque way; -Arena Trap traps grounded Pokémon; -You mentioned Trace Gardevoir, which basically copies your ability. How is this little ant suppose to live and tell the tale?
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    Pokémon Cursola

    Sounds like a Copperajah set
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    Pokémon Dracovish

    Nobody: This thread:
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    Pokémon Cursola

    Nah this thing has a double issue: -if it runs Perish Body, it can't boost as it will faint in 3 turns; -if it runs Weak Armor, it will semi-negate its boost for an useless +2 Spe (Double Dance sets), and/or exacerbate the already low Def by dropping it more and more for a still useless +2 Spe...
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    BH Balanced Hackmons

    "Mom said it's my turn on the XBox" I just arrived here, in the lands of Smogon, and immediately started having some thoughts with the guys in the Uncharted Territory about Dracovish. An abomination against God that is scaring even veterans with its nuclear, prehistoric Water-type STAB. What...
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    Pokémon Dracovish

    Dracovish @ Choice Band Ability: Strong Jaw EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Fishious Rend - Outrage - Crunch - Psychic Fangs No more than a simple Band Adamant clickspam set Well actually the move list could just stop to Fishious Rend and sometimes Outrage, but Crunch and...
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    Pokémon Duraludon

    The fact this thing has very good Def and SpA, acceptable Spe, and a Dialga-like typing is very, very interesting. But really I can't get past its 50 SpD. Why did GF need to cripple a very interesting Pokémon with such a curse? We obtained a 70/115 physically defensive Dragon, and a 70/50...
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    Pokémon Dracovish

    God please don't tell me we have to put all our surviving chances in Water Absorb+Freeze-Dry Lapras...
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    Pokémon Dracovish

    Actually a bulky Jellicent can even live a Band Crunch: 252+ Atk Choice Band Strong Jaw Dracovish Crunch vs. 252 HP / 204+ Def Jellicent: 316-374 (78.2 - 92.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO I think Jelly should be brought in when an obvious Fishious Rend is about to arrive: if Dracovish is Band, it will...
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    Pokémon Dracovish

    I read almost all the comments in this thread, and a question rose in my mind: is there a (semi)decent way to stop this thing, without losing half of your team in the process? We all have seen that type matchup becomes secondary when you have Rain, 2x BP, STAB, and +50% by ability: when in...
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    SPOILERS! Sword and Shield in-game team discussion thread

    Aight, I beat the game and then restarted twice to try all starters, here are my opinions: