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  • cool, finally caught you online. I just need one thing actually, it's an OTR bronzong i just bred. If you're able to trade right now, I can give it to you. It needs 252 HP/252 Atk/4 SpD and then to be raised to Lv. 100 with these moves Gyro Ball, Hypnosis, Trick Room, Earthquake
    Bleh, sorry I'm not going to be able to get it to you for a while.
    As I'm leaving for about a week, but he's ready for pickup on the 10th. The wait doesn't make it worth 26 credits. So I'll let you decide the payment amount.

    Sorry for an inconvenience this causes you! D:!
    Hey there. I'm finished with your egg, but I don't have access to wifi as I'm at a hotel over the weekend. I'll try to find a location with access to wifi, but if I don't, the trade will have to wait until July 4th. Sorry for the inconveniences.
    hey, I was wondering if I could spend some of my credits, I've got some pokemon that need EVing and leveling up
    It might take me longer than usual to rng the pokes. Another tourney is coming up in a couple days, and I thought it was several weeks ahead. (I'm an idiot >.>)

    My wifi is also messed up since my parents changed internet service. I'm screwed for the tourney again.
    Weebos is online so there is a good chance you'll get that skamory today
    btw I'm going to be doing a giveaway soon, for a near flawless t-tar
    thank you shari alway have awesome trade with you do you have lilipup male sand rush?
    Sorry, I totally spaced that for a bit xD!
    So I'll RNG it for my ID/SID so that when you hatch it, it's non-shiny :P
    O_O That's a lot of credits dood! xD!
    Would you like it to hatch shiny on your game? As I can RNG it for your ID/SID combo, and so when you hatch it it'll be shiny for you. As if I hatch it, it will most likely be in Japanese or Korean xD!
    But the name will change if you evolve it on your B/W game, to whatever language you own.
    Haha, thought so. No problem. I'll message you at around the same time tomorrow to trade the egg to one of your 4th gen games.
    I can do that. Give me a day? I don't have my lap top with me today. Do you want the egg, or hatched?
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