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  • Thankyou for joining Team Nova. Please apply for a rank on the discussion titled ranks.
    Hey! Team Plasma is recruiting people and you have been picked! Once Team Plasma gets more active will have give aways tournaments and all kinds of other contest! Im currently looking for Admins and executives etc. If your interested join up! ^_^

    Team Plasma Boss/TRC Admin Echosofchaos
    Thunderbolt is over Flash Cannon on Jirachi because pokemon really isn't a linear game. What I mean by this is that just because you pack an electric move on x pokemon doesn't mean you don't have to put electric move on y pokemon. Flash Cannon / Psychic on Jirachi is less threatening than Thunderbolt / Psychic because the latter has better coverage, and allows Jirachi to set up CMs better. Flash Cannon / Psychic would allow skarmory to phaze you willy nilly, and you honestly wouldn't like that. If you are up against a Gyarados and cant kill it off with Psychic, and it has earthquake, are you going to stop your potential sweep with Jirachi by going to Rotom? If anything, Thunderbolt is a staple on that set and if you feel Flash Cannon would work better than Psychic, you could potentially use it. Thunderbolt helps you so you can threaten a wider variety of pokemon so you can get your sweep up better.
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