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  • I'm prob gonna leave now then. =) I have to get up for work in a couple hours so maybe I'll find you online tomorrow then~
    I'm sureeee it wouldn't be a let down compared to your other stuff! Would you like to do our trade right now btw?
    Lol make everyone confused too! xD
    I think there's going to be a make over, definitely
    But I hope the whole trading thing could be a bit faster
    My friend sets up his own gts and trades with me like that lol pretty fast
    But this place will remain that's for sure
    So many dedicated people if you ask me :)
    Nope, go for it! Mine was only a mystery cause I was still SRing for a good wondercard nature at the time lol
    lol xD
    I know you'll make it awsome
    I just know it :) I mean there's nothing that you can't do
    You're crazy! A shiny mew lol and have 63 credits cause of two pokemon!
    Hard work gets you goodies :D
    Lol I see >:D
    Make a trick giveaway! xD
    That'd be awsome lol but yah make it special
    Like a bachelors party :P
    Yeah its okay. :P

    Made an email ad just to trade since I dont want random people stalking me. :P

    EDIT2: Use this. :P
    Awsome! I thought you were really hanging the gloves until gen 5
    But that's great! :P sounds interesting. Are you gonna pull a mattj type of thing? lol
    BTw. did i win in mattj's giveaway. I was never notified, and you were the distributer. I did all the rules, even the hidden ones.
    im sorry, i don't know what that means, if that has to do with like file cards and computers and stuff, no.
    Aah one of the quads is messing up lol sorry
    D: so it's definite now, you're leaving :/ I can't help it
    I'm a sad, but you'll be around once you get some time right? Right?! lol
    When are you planing on doing it?
    What exactly does file trade mean? I can take them in all now and have them to distribute if thats what you mean.
    lol it's up to you as you have a humble nature :P
    Just do your best while you're away and that'd make me happy lol
    Aah I see
    If you feel like doing a giveaway for everyone xD
    Then something special for those who learned you( good english eeh)to rng :)
    Oh and that mew is just too awsome, it's your legacy :P
    Uh, for some reason the Softboiled move has 35 PP when it should only have 10...
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