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  • I could breed a hex-flawless Chansey on Emerald, tutor it Mimic, and glitch Wish on it later, and nobody can proof it's hacked besides using common sense.

    However, I would consider it a hack, and I think most people would agree with that.
    Those events were years ago, most people didn't know shit about competative Pokémon back then.

    The WishBliss is pure luck that it's here on Smogon, assuming it wasn't randomly bred with Wish mimic glitched on it.
    I've been looking for one since I started trading here, which was 1.5 years ago
    and I failed finding even a single one.
    Hey, if we are going to do this trade (haven't been on much this weekend), what time zone will you be in?
    Hi, are you available for trade now? (me giving your trade partner pokemon)

    edit: going to shower, but let me know anyways.
    If you ever come back to smogon, gimme a ring and we can chat if you want ;) (LOL if you read this message like 20+ months from now)
    quitting and taking everything with you is justified; after all, you got/traded for the stuff yourself right? It's not like people will blame you for doing that, anyways.

    And really, if this was the way it was going to end, why did you start in the first place? :/ It's kinda obvious that once you know how to RNG you can get anything you want lol, but if that's the case, why are so many people still trading? The answer is because it's easier to trade for stuff than to take the time to breed/catch mountains of mons yourself.

    To put it simply, trading saves time :)

    If you want to quit, you don't really have to talk to me about it lol, all you have to do is say "I quit" and that's the end of it.
    That's fine then :) You don't HAVE to trade at all; there are retired traders, and others who have quit. I just personally find it easier if I can get things from other people, since I don't have the greatest amount of free time on my hands :/ It's a convenience for certain, but I just find it enjoyable to help other people lol.

    That's basically what I do now; I don't CMT in other threads, I just do stuffs like CPs and the like. Oh and solving how to RNG in FRLG is appealing too ;)
    Because I came back off hiatus? There are other parts to smogon than wifi lol; I help out in a lot of places you wouldn't expect from a wifier :/

    I do C&C occasionally, CAP, LC, I have an art thread, I play pokemon.

    that is enough reason for me to stay, I think :)
    LOL a reason to check this place? there is none in the first place. all you can do is just stop responding to CMTs. People get the message.

    And I hate to say it, but with all that if you still can't stop getting distracted, that's a problem with YOU, not with the site or the trade thread, or anything else related to smogon. See a doctor or psychiatrist or something :/
    4 giveaway pokes...the three ones from acetrainer and the larvitar from the way are you quitting pokemon?
    It's not like you HAVE to trade 24/7 at all. I mean, there's no rule about stuff like that or anything; all you have to do is say "I'm going on hiatus until xxx or whenever" and you're done.

    It's much harder to come back after you've said you're quitting than if you only went on hiatus anyways >_>
    I mean, b/c of school I only trade on weekends now. You don't have to bow down to everyone's feet you know; everyone here knows everyone else has a life.
    Dude, you don't have to "quit"--just go on hiatus, like I did for a while, until like next summer or so :/
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