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  • Wait, your back?
    I still didn't get your B-day Pikachu from your giveaway all that time ago xD
    Has it really been so long? :P
    Anyways, welcome back!
    The writing thread is dead because I can't be bothered to bump it. I might actually bump it today. The WSC is dead because user: SevenDeadlySins isn't doing anything. I handed it over to him and he hasn't done anything. Feel free to pick it up if you'd like. Smeargle's Studio in general is doing just fine. I now have Project Mods (which means I can do everything except infract).
    I do. They are my breeds, but they are NFT until the english patch comes out on March 6th. And the only other ones I have are also NFT by request of Icemanu.

    ATM, I only have regualar flawless up for trade.
    Ah, I am sorry for the tricky wording. English is not my first language so bear with me.
    So, do you have any Black and Whit pokemon to offer? Because I have:
    Kibago, Zorua, Ulgamoth, and various others that i would have to sift through to remember everything.
    Well, I got that gmail account. Which counts for GTalk, doesn't it? I'm online there, right now.
    Can you trade your pokemon ovee files?
    Hey Skymin, nice to see that you're back. Do you still need a copy of your Mew? I still have it if you need it.
    Hello Skymin. I'd like to ask you how you check for hacks. I've been really interested in checking every single one of the Pokémon I got in trades, just to make sure I won't stamble into a hack and the fuss it creates.

    Thank you in advance. :)
    It's not that it's not a good idea (lol convoluted sentence if I ever wrote one), it's just that there are better places than a pokemon forum lol (even if SS is art related and different from the rest, it's hardly the most active forum on Smogon, which probably contributed to the writing thread falling into disuse)
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