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  • ill be around most of those times, except for 5-9 CST on monday wed and thursday at 7-7:30.
    How about... 11 PM my time? That would be about 12.30 in the afternoon for you.
    Actually, can we shift it to Saturday(tomorrow) instead? Sunday might be difficult seeing as it's the last day of the EPL season and i'll only get home late.
    I was at the gym. It's not like I didn't spend 7 hours waiting for you.

    I'm still waiting for you to give me your times. I can't just magically be at my computer at that second for the short interval of time that you decide to come on, especially if it's sporadic without any warning.

    This isn't rocket science, you're the only one I have trouble scheduling a match with....
    by sit around all day you mean come on for the five minutes I'm afk? I'm still here. What's so hard about sticking around on IRC for ~30 minutes. I could be eating or in the bathroom, you don't give me any breathing room. I mean if you don't have time to wait around for a bit, how do you except to have time to play??

    Thursday: 11-6, 2am+ cst
    Friday: 9:30-11:30(am) cst
    Wedding on weekend
    Monday: 11pm+ cst

    Let me make this clear, you have been on for 15 minutes today, I've been on for 5 hours and counting.
    Don't worry, I have a LOT of free time now. This Sunday? Night for me, morning for you.
    I'm usually available around 4 PM to 11 PM my time. However, I can be on after 11 PM on the weekends if needed.
    I'm GMT +5.5. We'll have to do this match on Sunday or after, because I have a very important exam coming up - but I'll send in my team soon.
    I'm sorry, I was on my itouch but afk at the time you sent me the vm. Same time tonight then? Sorry about this
    Good we'll match up well. Alls I gotta do is rustle me up a team, which I'm not sure when thatll be but I'll contact you as soon as.
    huh, it'll be really difficult to do it after today since I have school. Anyway, what do you think about tomorrow 1:30PM GMT-5 ?
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