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  • GMT-8 ... trully difficult to find a time to battle. Let's do it tomorrow at 2:30PM GMT-5
    I'll not be able to play Monday. What do you think about today 1PM (which is 11PM for me so) ? Maybe before if you can since I'll be on all the day.
    Well, you didnt answered to my MP. When would it be good for you to get our match done ? I'm GMT+2.
    ugh sorry, something unexpected delayed me for an hour -.- Anyway, monday works for me starting from 4 until whenever.
    very sorry for such a late response, got caught up in a lot of other things this week. but I'm ready to go anytime, and my timezone is GMT - 8.
    that's gotta suck man. sorry to hear that. Looks like i get to avenge your loss later then :p
    Sorry about that, my opponent hasnt responded so i still haven't built a team x.x

    btw hawkstar and i have been dueling it out on the top few spots of the dw ladder recently, don't take that loss badly ;D
    I might be a few minutes late to our match, if dinner and such runs over into our scheduled time. I didn't really think I'd be eating or doing anything this late, but you know how it goes. Is that OK?
    4-5 PM your time sounds like the best time, since I just remembered I'll be gone on Friday night. Sound good?
    Now that we're opponents in the DW tournament, when are you available? I'm available every weekday from 4-5 PM EST to around 10. On weekends, I wake up around 10 AM and go to bed at perhaps 1 AM EST, and I have nothing to do besides sporatic chores.
    hey im gmt -8 too, i'm not sure if i can do it this weekend and im pretty busy this week, maybe next week?
    Sunday is a little far away, I think I'm free all day but I'm not 100% sure. I don't know why you're not giving me a time.....
    Sorry I needed to get my grandparents from the air port and it need longer than I thought. I'm still basically on all day if you want to come on any time except for the small interval of time when I'm not available that would be just swell.
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