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  • Alright I'll see you in the room. My last battle got a little serious so lets make this fun
    Damn no one has done that with me. I really catch people off guard with it. But I've noticed that it is really incapable of dealing with a poke that has a sub up. Thats like it's main weakness. Toxic doesn't affect mine because I have rest plus a cleric to wake it back up
    Same here man. I like to use sets that aren't used too much. Like specs espeon (everyone I face expect it to be scarfed). And pelipper as a defensive wall and my wall/attacking lickilicky lol
    yeah exactly! Thats actually a really good idea. Cause your dugtrio definitely throughs a lot of people off most likely. And golem is even bulkier than dugtrio so it'll be able to take a hit
    Yeah that golem also surprised me. I was kind surprised that you used two choiced pokes on the same team like that. The banded golem may work but it's kind of crippled because he can't just explode whenever it wants too, like it could've on my butterfree
    Yeah that Mr. Mime was the biggest surprise. It completely took me out of my game. And then I couldn't even set up my poliwrath because of your entei. Your team has so many things to hinder other teams
    Oh that whole time I was so confused. Haha for some reason I just assumed your entei wouldn't have extremespeed. That cost me my butterfree :(
    haha yeah a lot of my teams utilize that. Almost all of my UU walls have rest. And as you can see I always have a cleric so I'll have them rest and then just heal them. Why didn't you have a rapid spinner both entei and venomoth take good damage from stealth rocks?
    yeah for my physical sweepers I always use bulky ones. Sometimes that sacrifice of speed pays off because they can take hits and then one hit KO the target
    Good game man. When you brought that wartortle in I just assumed that you had rapid spin on it. That would've helped out when you kept bringing in entei
    oh I was wrong I've only used this team once I really like it so we'll see if its consistent
    Nah man your good at UU. That team is really good. I made so many bad plays in the beginning. I just lucky Feraligatr is so bulky. I like to use bulky sweepers just because of that. You wanna do NU I have a newish team?
    I was on a 0-2 streak till now haha. My team is really weak to the ground-water type combo. In those two battles I went up againt a quagsire and a gastrodon, which just completely walled me.
    OMG! that was an intense match! I'm so glad that head smash missed. As always man good game
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