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  • I've decided not to use my Milotic, so I can put it into a Subway challenge. I'm not really sure what to use instead... Tyranitar and Lickilicky are also in said challenge. What do you think?
    Hey man, we're playing for the tourney but I have a slight problem. I'm heading to Philmont scout ranch for 2 weeks, absolutely no internet or anything. Would it be okay if we do our battle then? Thanks.
    Hey Solstice, you did a pretty good job in your last reffing, but I want to tutor you with one more battle so that we can make sure you have a strong grasp of reffing
    Hey Solstice, need our match reffed, since it only has a one day DQ

    Not trying to be impatient or anything, just saying.
    Hey Solstice, I'm going to be your tutor ref! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. When you find a battle to ref, you can contact me with the link. Then PM me before posting, each time. Make sure to read the OP of the tutor thread, and have fun :D
    Levi fainted from energy exhaustion. While normally rickheg would send out his next mon, I sent it out for him in the interest of time. It is your turn.
    Due to some confusion about how Grass STAB bonus relates to Stun Spore (as a powder move the chance of it CAUSING paralysis is halved, it doesn't alter the full paralysis rate from Stun Spore), you'll need to re-order this round in your tournament battle. (as I'm pretty sure you don't want to fire a Spore at a substitute.) My bad.
    I need you to give your orders for me vs you in Cerulean Cave ASAP. I'm sorry to rush you, but I'm really pressed for time here.
    Solstice, I was wondering what your thoughts were on asking for a subref in our match reffed by RitterCat. I bring up the subject since I need to have the counters from that battle by May 23rd at absolute latest; if you don't mind, and RitterCat doesn't think he can pull it off, I'm going to request a subref.
    RE: Disable.

    Disable: The Pokemon focuses on the memory of one of the foe's last three (3) actions, and uses telepathic powers to erase the memory of that attack from the opponent. The opponent is unable to use the selected attack for six (6) actions. If the Pokemon was ordered to use the locked attack in the same round it is Disabled, the move will fail.

    Attack Power: -- | Accuracy: -- | Energy Cost: 6 | Effect Chance: -- | Typing: Normal
    I'd be willing to accept the Artisan Cave challenge after the implementations pass-just let me finish up a few nearly ended battles (so Snover can evolve/I can get RC) and I'll be ready.
    ...Don't worry. Just had some major projects and a few other battles to take care of.

    I'll get to you guys soon.
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