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  1. Smogon Tour X

    Sweet, I plan on entering as well, this should be fun times.
  2. This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed

    Any more feedback would be greatly appreciated. This team is now 21 - 3 on shoddy.
  3. This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed

    Fixed the items, an oversight it seems. And personally I have had terrible luck with Gyarados on every team I have made, but I will give it a try and see how it goes.
  4. This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed

    My last RMT was lame, because I didn't really like the team all that much. I now have a new RMT!! Any help/insight you guys can provide would be awesome. Tested out on shoddy for quite a few matches, went 12 and 2. I am fairly certain I have most threats covered in the Metagame. So, without...
  5. Super Offensive Generic Combination!

    Actually, both fake out leads, Ambipom and Weavile will 100% stop him from setting up SR at all. Ambipom outspeeds with Fake Out and 2HKOs, and Weavile outspeeds with Fake Out and can taunt the SR, although you may lose your Weavile if you do this. In addition to Aerodactyl, who outspeeds and...
  6. Super Offensive Generic Combination!

    If you want a fake out lead, I suggest Weavile or Ambipom, both are faster than Infernape, and both are excellent revenge killers. Check out their lead/antilead sets. Weavile has 10 more base speed, but Ambipom has Technician. I have him quite often doing 50%+ dmg with fake out on some of the...
  7. OU RMT Ambipom's Justice!

    Nix this thread. I would prefer it locked and/or closed. I have a new team now.
  8. OU RMT Ambipom's Justice!

    I really honestly hate Heatran and I don't want it on my team at all. And no, I haven't played the card game in many years.
  9. OU RMT Ambipom's Justice!

    Homestar reference....?
  10. OU RMT Ambipom's Justice!

    I don't have SR
  11. OU RMT Ambipom's Justice!

    I am thinking about switching Vaporeon for CroCune. Metagross for Gliscor. And Heatran for Honchkrow. These switches would give me better coverage for my weaknesses. Any ideas? EDIT: Tried the changes, seems way better already.
  12. OU RMT Ambipom's Justice!

    Lead Weavile poses problems for my lead, as it forces a switch since it will outspeed and 2HKO. DDNite causes problems if it gets a DD off on the switch, if not, it is usually fairly easily taken out. Would prefer and Ice move however. If I don't predict right, Heatran can WRECK my team...
  13. OU RMT Ambipom's Justice!

    Ok well this is my first RMT and I need some feedback. Despite what the title sounds like, this team isn't really built around Ambipom, in fact I originally wanted to build a team around Froslass, but that fell apart when I realised she wouldn't fit anywhere on this team, and she got replaced...
  14. Misseh, an OU Warstory (of sorts)

    Ok I say of sorts because we both have mixed teams in the Standard ladder on Shoddy. Anyway, this was an awesome battle. This is my first Warstory, so any tips would be appreciated as far as the telling and commentary. I am spk (my test account), and my opponent will be known as Jane...
  15. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 24 (READ THE OP)

    Via Mystery Gift. If you don't have mystery gift, go here