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  • i'm not all that happy about it but i can't be bothered fr'ing it and i'd prefer you didn't cite me as being cool with it
    No, I'm not working on it. I still haven't finished the other guide, even.

    Please, go ahead.
    Dude I didn't realize until I learned about it that you were actually contributing with the dex corrections and stuff.

    Congrats, don't let it go to waste, that ladybug is easy to lose if you act wrong...
    Sup man, just wanted to remind you that fairy type is 100% real and that drag0n types r 4 nubz.

    lol fairy type tho really gamefreak
    Just wanted to reply to this here because the thread moved on a lot since I last posted.

    Sleep clause is completely different from any of those things. Everything you have mentioned there is a "ban" and we are perfectly capable of recreating those by forcing an auto-lose on anyone who brings them on WiFi. Our current Sleep Clause is a major change from the mechanics that are present on cartridge, and cannot be replicated. You can recreate Drizzle + Swift Swim ban by simply not bringing a team that utilises it. If you do, you lose. Simple as. Exactly the same with OHKO clause - if you bring a Pokemon with an OHKO move, you lose. Although these clauses aren't hard-programmed into the game, you can still recreate them by just following the rules.

    Sleep Clause is not a "ban". We have altered the game mechanics so that 2 Pokemon cannot be put to sleep by an opposing player, we have NOT banned the use of sleep moves after a Pokemon has been put to sleep. On Pokemon Black 2 / White 2, if you use Spore with Breloom when another Pokemon is already asleep, another Pokemon gets put to sleep. On simulator, if you try to do that, Spore will fail. It is 100% impossible to recreate Simulator Sleep Clause on a game cartridge, therefore we have already diverged from true cartridge mechanics when implementing Sleep Clause. There is a very major difference between Simulator Sleep Clause (move fails if you try to Sleep another Pokemon) and Cartridge Sleep Clause (you lose if you successfully put 2 Pokemon to sleep, or you simply cannot use Spore a second time).

    I'm not trying to push for team preview to get banned because I know I am in the minority. What I am trying to say is that, if everyone wanted Team Preview banned, we have already set a precedent that changing cartridge mechanics is acceptable with Sleep Clause. The argument that "we need to keep Team Preview because its present on BW2" is moot when PS! isn't an accurate simulation of BW2 anyway.
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