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  • I'm GMT +2. I'd prefer playing somewhere near the deadline as i'm packed with school work for the coming week.
    In regards to the recording software thread, by graphics card I meant the on-board one on my laptop. It spurred me into researching why playing any sort of game is super choppy (even VBA) and I guess the driver I was running was known to be terribad. I tried rolling it back but couldn't find the older version so I got the new one and it actually works. Thanks for your indirect help!
    Nope, it's up to you to decide one of the two. I would suggest you to ask for feedback in the thread on the choice and follow what the majority says. If noone expresses an opinion it's probably a minor choice, so do the decision yourself and edit out the slash.

    The reason is pretty simple, and it's similar to the coverage rule of thumb. Starmie with HP Fire kills Ferrothorn (while w/o that move is helpless), and in exactly the same way SD Rock Gem Terrakion kills Gliscor with Stone Edge but can't do anything if it chooses Rock Slide (so you're effectively changing the list of check / counters). This may or may not apply to your submission, but since I'm trying to keep the rules as simple as possible, I'd ask you to just pick one of the two and decide on that yourself (considering also the feedback you may ahve received). Thank you!
    I disagree with it as well, although that may be because I used to make some really shitty posts when I first started. (Worse than I've seen out of you IMO) However, as far as I know this goes back to the first time you started posting in the suspect threads. Don't ask me why, I skimmed a lot of posts then and I probably wouldn't be able to tell you anyways.
    You have a bad reputation because of your forum posts so he banned you just because he noticed you were there.
    I don't care about anything that you care anything about.

    How you aren't banned on the forums themselves is amazing to me.
    Heya, for your check in the dojo, do you think you could change it so your "removals" are in red? That would be awesome for checking over >_<
    Thank you, though, I'd like to consider it more of a balanced-semi stall team than full stall :)
    I'm never "offensive" towards someone for free. I just saw some of your past posts and they were really not sweet.

    And "Well if it makes a certain playstyle a near no-brainer with a decisive advantage.".
    This, this stuff makes me mad. Who are you to say that it's a no brainer.
    Do you even realise what is a no brainer team ? I really doubt so.
    So let's make a bet, try to get the reqs with a HO "no-brainer" team. Be my guess.
    It's not even like it's hard, but I'll definitely think that you're not totally clueless on this point if you show me that you played it for real (and decently).

    Now, something I want to stress. This thread is here to see what the community thinks. You're not telling what you think, you're endlessly arguing against everyone not willing to ban Deoxys-D.
    I mean, there is no harm arguing a little etc.
    But jesus it's been 18 pages that I see you involved in almost every single discussion. Tell your god damn opinion, argue about it a little, and let the others express theirs too. No need to act like if we were debating whether to give the death penalty to someone who killed your familty or not.

    I got no grudge against you, but when you're so overactive on a thread, don't be surprised if people talk directly to you (and well anyway that's what a forum is for, I disagree with your points, no need to feel jeopardized).
    The majority of teams I saw were the normal Rain team and then what seems like an even amount of Sand and Dragons
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