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    A not so effective team

    Hi smogon! After messing around with this team for a while i decided to tend to the RMT forums because i basically lack knowledge of 6th gen. I feel like i'm stuck at the moment and can use any advice. The team is based around sticky web -> most pokemons used are at the slower side of the...
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    Sticky Have a question? Ask it here! (NOT SM QUESTIONS)

    Probably a stupid question but what is the difference between pokebank OU and OU on showdown?
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    Gen 5 Drought Team - - Critique Needed

    Donphan is more than just a lead, he is your spinner and your physical wall (one of the only viable ones in sun). Switching him to aerodactyl will make your team vulnerable against Stealth Rocks again aswell as abandoning all defense ((other then ninetails but he's terrible no matter wich set is...
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    Gen 5 Drought Team - - Critique Needed

    Yeah you'll have to 'restart' your weather now and then and may have to give ninetails that item wich makes sun last longer,.. heat rock? not sure. As for venusaur, growth might be a wasted move, i wouldn't be surprised to see spec sets with the new weather mechanics but as for now we still...
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    Gen 5 Drought Team - - Critique Needed

    The team is at its best in terms of pokemon since you can't use heatran. You could try a choice banded Arcanine, E-belt is good if you can hit super effective on almost everything the metagame has to offer. Your set has no crunch so psychic/ghost wont give you the E-belt effect and dragons wont...
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    RMT Fire MonoType

    Hey there, I would suggest adding a fire/flying type because right now you are earthquaked to death from the start on. Maybe give ninetails an air balloon too so he can setup on something locked into earthquake. I would also add an heatran somewhere for some fire resist and its steel type make...
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    Check, Rush, and Sweep: Sand OU

    Hey there, nice team and presentation of it :) I do have some suggestions tho: Right off the bat i notice a big fighting and ground weakness, hippo can tank most of those tho but personally i like having 2 checks per type, defenatly for a type as present as fighting. Rotom has levitate so the...
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    My first Drizzle team

    Hey there, quick rate because i have to go soon but i noticed that a choice specced jolteon can OHKO 5/6 of this team. Ferrothorn can survive but he cant kill and nothing you have can outspeed. Easiest solution here is changing rotom-W to either a jolteon of your own OR a thundurus-T depending...
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    Sunny Screens OU Team

    Thats ok , we were all new once and we all probably got the request to add more info at first too :)
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    RMT for Last days of gen 5 - A Classic Balanced Team

    Hey, i got your request to rate your team so here i am. Overall this team is rather balanced however your defensive core has a shared electric weakness. You have jolteon to absorb those but a misprediction can make you lose him early in the game. Therefor i advise getting Ferrothorn over...
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    Somebody Else is Dancing in the Rain?!?! ft. Mr. Crustacean

    Hey there, i got your request and must say i'm most flattered by it :D Anyways on to the rate: The team looks very nice in terms of resistaces, you got all covered except Fairy ^^ A minor error i saw while reading through it was at thundurus-T you say you use him for volt switch, but his...
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    Sunny Screens OU Team

    Hey there, since the team has like no descriptions and images its pretty hard to rate. However, i do have some suggestions: - Give Ninetails sunny day: Ninetails is the fastest weather inducer, wich means if you are opposed by other weather inducers you can change the weather to your favor...
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    RMT: Finally got top 500 in OU

    Hey, nice team :) I'm more used to defensive teams so i can't really give too much advice, but you don't need too much advice if you ask me. You got most threats covered and can handle yourself in any weather as far is i can see at a first glance. The only suggestion i would have right now is...
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    Gen 5 Drought Team - - Critique Needed

    Don't get me wrong on the starmie comment, he is a good rapid spinner, he just doesnt counter Ttar, scizor does tho, like a boss even :D He can go over volcarona maybe too. Then you still don't have stealth rock tho, wich i feel you really need if you don't want venusaur dieing to a sash/sturdy...
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    Gen 5 Drought Team - - Critique Needed

    Yeah that works aswell however weavile cant switch into a dragon, he can only revenge kill. Multiscale DDnite laughs at his ice shard unless its banded (wich weavile never is i think? correct me if i'm wrong). However since this team is rather offensive weavile might work better. All up to the...