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  • I have a flawless UT Dream World Vaporeon among many, many others Pokés. It's hard to list them (I'm on the Wii), but oh well.
    Hey, your trade thread still seems to be under construction, but i'm interested in your slowpoke. Interested in a NYC lickitung? Careful - 30~31 / 30 / 28 / 14 / 31 / 26, with Wish and Heal Bell. I also have a NYC Chansey (Wish) but the IVs aren't as solid.
    I could do the banners for you, though I don't have any examples of that kind of thing to show you first. If you would like, I would be happy to make a banner for you if you could describe what you want on it and if you like it I could do more. It doesn't bother me if you choose not to use mine.
    I can make banners.
    they look really stupid though so you probly wont like em.
    check my thread for it
    OK I'm just looking at your thread now, I'll list some things which might improve it.
    - Don't center the text, it is proven that it is harder to read than regular text which is justified to the left.
    - Change the order of some of your subtitles. The thing people want to see MOST is the pokemon themselves; perhaps place the completed trades at the end of the entire post? Move trainer info to after the 'rules' section.
    - Perhaps use bold type for movesets of pokemon which have special moves, people often skim read over the pokemon and a special move might be what catches their eye.

    I can't say much else atm, however if you would like a banner for the title of your thread, I could probably make that for you.
    I'm actually studying graphic design at university atm, what kind of tips are you looking for?
    hmm... Well if you and I are online again some other time, send me a VM and I'll hook you up with some Heart Scales then.
    Yeah. It was at level 51 and knew Sketch, but I Sketched Dark Pulse so I had to level it to 61 so it would learn Sketch again.

    If you're short on Heart Scales, I'd be happy to give you a few. :)
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