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  • Yes there are many songs of hers that I ditched after my first listen and then fell in love when I revisited them. Made for some awesome surprises. :D
    Haha I love all of her the moon and back...heee. :> Her later albums past 2005 are a little wonky and I even love those! To Venus and Back has such amazing production.
    50 Words for Snow is one of my favorite pieces of music. Still listen to it in fully to this day...

    You should check out Julia Holter. Her last two albums are genius.
    Nice to see some Kate / PJ / Fiona loving around here. Tori too from what I can read.
    I've listened most often to The Dreaming and Hounds of Love as I have them fully downloaded on my phone, and I love them so much. Cloudbusting is one of my favorites from the album along with the title track. I've heard a lot of Kate's recent stuff but I hadn't really checked out The Sensual World. What a surprise! :D And I'm glad Kate helped you like that :)
    Discovering more and more Kate every day :) Currently obsessed with The Sensual World. Never Be Mine and Rocket's Tail!!!
    I love Rid of Me! I've also heard most of Let England Shake, loved it! :) As for Tori...From The Choirgirl Hotel and Scarlet's Walk are very good albums. So is Boys for Pele, but it might be kind of intense for someone beginning to listen to her. Her first two albums are the 'lightest' of her career to me. But so good. I don't listen to her so much anymore because I played her nonstop for 2 years lol.
    Tori is my favorite, she's not for everyone though. Regina Spektor is just lovely. She's the type of person you're just glad that exists. Bjork is...Bjork. :PI love Joni Mitchell too though! They're all just so great to me lol.
    I do like PJ, though I haven't listened to like, everything she's done like I have with Kate. And yeah, I love all those screeching singer-songwriter types. :) Tori, Bjork, etc.
    I really like The Dreaming and Hounds of Love but everything she's done transcends life. :P
    hi smods can see deleted vms

    it was ace emerald. dunno why you feel entitled enough to make a post like that though. unless i'm reading too much into it, you're questioning the decision of many experienced uu players, including my own, when i'm fairly sure you have very little experience in the tier.

    so yeah, i think ace emerald had every right to delete that post.

    have a nice day.
    Hey bro, I haven't seen you online lately and your skype is always set on do not disturb. So how have you been?
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