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  • Not sure if that'll be on time for me, since I think the week will be over by then. In that case, can I just PM you a team and have you give me a rate to make it effective in UU?
    :/ This weekend I'm not free, since I'm going on a trip (so Thursday-Sunday aren't really things I can do). Is there any other time that could work for you? And if not, would you mind just giving me some tips on how to build a good UU team?
    Well I've got the same reason for this equally late reply, so it's cool. When would you be available to help me? (I'm GMT -6 btw)
    Hey, I'm in the Home Field tourney and someone's finally asked me to play BW2 UU so I was wonderin if you'd be willing to help me build a team.
    Sorry to bother you but I just started my White Version 2 do you have a Tepig Axew and a Zorua that i may have Ivs dont matter
    Thanks. My friend Lunar made my sig. I am a Nintendo fan too. I love Mario and Zelda. You can watch Jormungand on an anime site with subtitles. It was only released in Japan.

    Stall is rather under the radar right now. I feel like it needs an underlying strategy, or be built with a way to pressure the opponent though. It needs to be able to keep up and adapt sometimes. I like stall, I used to love the rain stall team I used to use in BW1. It was fun to use and play with.
    haha thanks man - and yeah I feel the same way about trying to stand apart from mainstream teams. I was never able to get into UU though - would much rather use UUs and below in OU and win :p A lot of people people seem to overlook everything outside the top 30 when choosing team mates. I'm thinking about posting an RMT or something to bump their usage a little bit in the last months of gen V.
    Yeah, I think they will think twice next time. Or so I hope. When they removed Jabba's supermods, it was an uproar.

    Oh, thanks much. I like your sig too. I love Mario, and I think the woman in your avatar is very attractive.

    The sig has Valmet and Koko from the anime Jormungand. It is a very good action filled anime.
    haha don't forget parasect! I play here and there. was in the top 3 of the ladder a month ago under bubbles2 with that team. haven't played since the reset though. You?
    I was mad because they handled the TC situation all wrong. No fair warning, no compromise, just stripped everything so abruptly. I can understand why they would do it, but they took the wrong course of action.
    Hey, I gotta make a BW2 UU team for a tournament I'm in, so I was wondering if you could help me build one since I know you play the tier (I don't have much uu knowledge).
    Since you are always the first to comment on my revamp I'll ask you who do you think are good teammates for Mamoswine
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