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  • yeah I think that in the one month before BW were released,when I finally got to play competitively, I enjoyed the battles then more than now. team preview kinda robs part of the fun of the battle and just makes things worse as far as mindgames go. oh well. to me, 5th gen battling still isnt that bad
    I would play 4th gen, but when I finally started playing 5th gen competitively, I transferred my 4th gen team over to see how things were. I won't be getting back to 4th gen for a while :(
    I love your new picture. anyways, wanna battle? I'm playing around with this one set and want to test it out.
    What are you talking about?...
    I'm trying to be polite and civil with you, and show you that there are no hard feelings.
    I guess kindness is just wasted on you. Do not VM me anymore.
    I'm not being cocky, you must be insecure if you see it that way. I don't want to waste my time battling someone who quickly quits after being outpredicted. It happens to me a lot, but I am trying to learn, which you're not helping me with. So don't try to insult me because you were losing, and don't expect me to take it well if you do.
    You just quit when you started making bad predictions. Everyone makes mistakes, but I feel like battling you again would be a waste of time >_>
    lol it wouldnt have. send in my ecadrill kill your metagross. then rock slide your gliscor and even if you do kill it with an eq i take you out one hit with hp ice.
    yah, i'm thinking about replacing it with a scarf haxorus, still can revenge non-scarf latios and just gets a whole lot more power in gereral
    thankfully the def drop from CC mitigated that a bit although gliscor was keeping heracross from doing anything significant anyway XD
    yeah, gastrodon takes those draco meteors nicely, although anything less than specs misses the 2 hit ko mark for him (but specs gets revenged by hera), so it's kinda a give and take.
    relax... vapy getting paralyzed was the end of it for me... breloom couldn't set up on it, and gastrodon couldn't toxic it, so it was free to roar the crap outta my whole team. gg
    u may wanna check ur ape if u hacked it... calculator says that aint possible... gg anyways gotta love those crits
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