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  • Hey, do you mind if we just chat for a while (through VM's)?? I don't know why, but Black 2 is really irritating me. I just wanted to discuss some of the "issues" I've been having with this game.
    Looks like I'm looking for this spread for that roselia:
    31 / 2 / 30 / 29 / 30 / 30

    Also for an obtain date of after November 20th. Thanks again!
    Hey again. Dunno if you're around right now (And I'm probably gonna give it the end of the hour to check, tired) but let's see what I have here...

    On Black I've got a spare DW Natu, and on Black 2 I've got a spare DW Riolu and DW Shroomish. I'd help with more but I not certain how I can manage my time for it for now. Just give whatever with a nickname in return as usual.
    Hey Swampert, I'm interested in your Cherish Ball Mewtwo and Cherish Ball Keldeo. Could you please look at my thread from my signature and let me know if I can trade anything for those two? Thank you! :D
    hi as you saw my CMT on your thread for mewtwo you picked my naive shiny entei right?well i can only clone on 4th gen your mewtwo.is it available on 4th gen:)?
    Sorry to sound wishy-washy, but on second thought, would you mind trading me your nonshiny Mewtwo for my Virizion?
    nope, I used it when RNG Reporter was finally able to get shiny seeds the first month last year. It was originally my bros but I borrowed it until I caught what was needed shiny. Sorry.. -
    Eh... well... just came on notice that this Virizion was bred on my old White version and traded it to my Black since that's the main game I play on. So I cannot nickname the shiny Virizion.. sorry. It's ok if you refuse to trade, but let me know if not as well.
    Sure, I'll give you back 2 copies. We trade trade this afternoon or evening after I am home from the GYM.
    hi i was wanting to kno if u can help me with training and putting a good team together
    Hey, did you ever get a female drought vulpix from anyone? I can help with that if need be.

    EDIT: And we're set.
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