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  • I'm actually a big fan of your youtube videos. If this battle is any good will you upload it online?
    Umm wow lol
    4 for me
    1 for you
    Although the Explosion one was kinda useless and so was your Hydro Pump one XD

    Do you know if Bullet Punch wouldve KOed Celebi or not without the crit?
    Also did you have HP Fire on Celebi?

    I would say gg but it honestly wasnt fair at all sorry for all the hax. :(
    I just misclicked twice like an idiot. I have no idea why i thought pokemon was the run option... sorry. I would have keep going.
    Yeah, it's the 252 ATK physical mixape :D

    I'm not really experienced with it yet so I didn't know that kills scarftar. Before that though there were a lot of def/special downs and shit though.
    GG Syberia! A little too much hax going around though. :/ That crit at the end was lame. Still, it was an exciting match.
    Hey, Syberia. Was wondering if you had an UT version of your Clefable? Preferably under the lvl of 15. If you do, please check my thread for it... Really need it for a team I'm creating... THANKS!
    Hey, Syberia, I'm wondering if I could get that modest hex-flawless ditto of yours. My FC is 4726-4909-2729. I'd be glad to give you something good for it (quad perfect naughty Salamence?)
    hello syberia :) nice fishes you got. :P i was lurking around your page and i am wondering if your still trading?
    if so i am very intrested in these two. ill offer anything in my thread and i can also move tutor.
    #386 deyoxs Lv. 50, Rash, 31/29/30/30/31/30, HP Fire 68I actually attended this event
    Lv. 100, mewtwo Hasty, 31/30/29/30/30/31*XD Move: Selfdestruct
    Oh and what exactly is 'legal hacks?' I searched and cant find anything on it
    I watched all your videos on youtube and I love your team man. Kudos, have you ever lost? aha
    And I was so close to using Ice Beam, too. I'm amazed your sandstreamer survived that =O
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