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  • I suppose that's one solution. I just felt it was worth mentioning if Species Clause is going to be modified.
    You use Ancient Song in battle and it changes form. So if you had both and one used AS, you would be breaking any currently proposed change of species clause I've seen mentioned in the thread. Melotta can start off as either form, although it seems the move is not available yet, according to Serebii.
    I noticed something that might not have been brought in the thread you posted in PR. What would be done about Meloetta formes since it can change after using Ancient Song?
    Sword of Mystery is Kerudio is so boss. I think GF actually caught onto (and abused) the fact that fighting is the ultimate second type. Literally, you can tack fighting onto just about any other type (except ground) and get a better-than-monotype pokemon. That said, psychic attacks are surprisingly popular, and not just Psycho Shock (of course this could be a product of so many awesome fighting types). I've seen more than a few psychic-using Slowbros!
    I'm assuming there's still no stall on the wifi though, no? I don't have wifi. :( Also, I have yet to run into a Blissey on PO for some reason.
    And I'm having the hardest time staying on top of BW. Recently I've been having some fun playing on PO, but there's so much new stuff going on it's kind of hard to follow. I can't tell you how many times I have earthquaked balloon pokemon, and wondered how Metagross flamethrowered my skarmory. lol
    It's nice seeing you around again! Were you inactive on Smogon or do we just hang out in really different areas now?? (looking at your post history I guess you're mostly in UT?)
    In the huge city you have go to the left most walkway (starting from the place you entered, so the entrance to the city is the right.) There you should see some team plasma and more talking. then you'll fight them in front of the gym then you'll be able to fight the gym leader I think.
    Out of the 10 battles Ive had this weekend, about 6 have been DCd. Ill try again on Tuesday probably.
    No matter what its IVs are, it gets one DD against Ape and then OHKOs everything I have left. So gg, you would have won that.
    My version of Gyra is Jolly, 252 Atk/192 Speed/96 Def with Lefties and Dragon Dance/Waterfall/Stone Edge/Bounce. (It's IV are falwless where necessary)
    GG. Wi-Fi has been messing up for everyone over the weekend. I think I was in a decent possission to sweep though unless you had some sort of priority user.

    I still had Gyarados, Hippowdon, and Skarmory though, as well.
    Waited online like 20 mins. Guess your not there, although I would like a battle soon!
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