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  • if you give me just one credit and a evd copy of kygore. I havent had someone ev me a poke correct for me in awhile hence why iam skeptical. Ill use your diamond fc i supose?
    :/ i wouldnt be intrested in an ev version sorry
    maybe you could try getting it from faladran he should be done exams by now i think?
    If you still want the Linkino's Kyogre, wouuld you be so kind as to tell me if the Vulpix is male?
    Hello thank you for answering the cmt i left in your thread!
    I am happy your intrested in sohfalco's shinny beldum just wondering if you read my redi rules and understood beldum is worth 2 redi pokemon.

    I asked for three in your thread so feel free to pick a redi!
    please vm me if you have any questions or comments thank you.
    Your Toxigroak for
    ミュウツー (Mewtwo)
    Moveset: Psycho Cut/Power Swap/Guard Swap/Amnesia

    Available as UT Mewtwo Lv.70
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