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  • in response to your cmt(saw your thread was closed so i'll write here) I want your timid rotom. Is it available 5th gen?
    Oh, sorry sir. I've been doing autimn friendly the whole week. Will resond when i gt home in about 1-2 hrs.
    Hey, yeah sure now is fine. I can meet you on the Skarmbliss server as GECPHAROS in 5 mins?
    Hey man, thanks for being cool with the time I couldn't play. Anyway I'm free until the deadline so hopefully we can organise a time to play. Since my schedule is probably more open then yours, when is best for you to play?
    Hi, I'm your opponent for R6 of the VGC Tournament. I live in a GMT timezone if that helps us to organise a time to battle. Unfortunately, I am most likely going to be busy until this Sunday so it is improbable that I can battle before then, however that gives us a solid week to play. Do you use IRC at all? If so, I can catch you on there sometime.

    Yeah I was on until like 5:00 my time but after that i kinda forgot and went to see some fireworks heh. I'm sure we'll get it done though and if not we'll probably get an extension. Anyway my timezone is GMT -5, I try to be on around 8-10 PM and sometimes ~4:30-5:30 PM as well (for weekdays).
    No problem. Can you play now?
    edit: catching me sometime today on IRC would probably be best
    No problem! I've given out so many Pokemon for the Newark VGC that I know there's going to be some pretty tough competition, so good luck tomorrow!
    Hey, I'm your opponent for the VGC tournament. What times are you available to battle? I'm CDT (GMT -5) and available most often in the afternoons (2 PM - 6 PM). My schedule tends to vary, but I can also be flexible.
    Hey, of course! I can't battle right now due to internet issues at the time (mostly lag and fails in connection) but if we could battle early monday or tuesday, it would be perfect (I'm GMT -6 Central México City Time, btw)

    Take care ;)
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