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  • Haha dude, bad luck about the Chick-fil-A thread. When I first went into it I was really hoping that people would be discussing their god awful PR moves/blatant lies against the Jim Henson Company, but I guess we all should've realised it was going to instantly turn into the general gay marriage "debate" with a side of 'I LOVE CHICKEN' and 'why won't anyone think about those poor Christians?'
    the PTOs of those respective tournaments posted in threads on PokeGym, not all the dates are totally confirmed yet though.
    If your DS Lite can't connect to your router, it's more than likely using a WPA connection. I use a WPA connection myself, all that means is that you'll only be able to use your 3DS to connect to Pokecheck. No need to fiddle with your router more than likely.

    (I'm not sure if I was clear enough conveying this in my last message, so I'll try rephrasing it.)

    When you come to the 3DS equivalent of the middle screen, make sure that you only have one connection listed, the one with the DNS set to connect to Pokecheck. If you have an option to connect normally, your DS most of the time will. This is my best guess as to where you're going wrong.

    If my attempt at trouble shooting didn't help, then I might know people that can. Pokecheck has a tech-support-esc chat in the form of the shoutbox. The users there can be a huge help at narrowing down your problem. Tell them that Mantyke sent you and I'm sure they'll be happy to help.
    Well, from the sound of things, you aren't connecting to Pokecheck's DNS. Make sure that out of your DS's three internet connection, there's only the one used to connect to Pokecheck. Also, make sure that you've entered the DNS correctly.
    Yeah, Skullgirls needs more love! Do you have it on PS3? I'd be down to go a few matches! Alternatively any tourney streams are always just me watching Skullgirls in #fighting, so stop by there if you want!
    Changes implemented, thanks for the GP harsha.

    WHAT, Lazysha did nothing other than type GP APPROVED. I did all the hard work D:

    Unfortunately I have finals right now so my time is very limited, I was planning on doing a mass QC check session sometime early next week when I finish exams, and if you can hang on till then I'll be sure to do whatever remains of yours.
    Zach's actually my friend irl, he plays TCG and I gave him Brendan's team for fun... sadly he's been DCing on everyone and shit 9.9
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