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  • Hey man... do you know anybody who makes good banners? (like your old ones... lol... i'm dyin here)
    lol.... turns out I'M AN IDIOT!!!! I didn't know it was MANDATORY to have 5 pokes and catch a 6th.... I'm prepping a VGC team.... (T.Tar, Bronzong, Garchomp, Dialga) subs will be decided later....
    yeah.... Idk, I can hit my frames and delays LIKE A BOSS on a BOAT... I was able to finish a Phanpy, Hoothoot, Larvitar, and 2 Chimchars in like 1.5 hours.... but i've spent like 20 hours (non consecutive) trying to get any shiny.... lol.... i'm gonna give it a beating tommorow.... also, were you in VGC '09? and are you gonna sign up for VGC '10 (i've considered it....) and on a final note.... are you gonna get HG/SS? (I reserved both, AND picked up my Jirachi yesterday, and am therefore VERY excited)
    lol.. thanks... although my games now being a TOTAL bitch and wont give me a single fucking shiny... and the age thing... I found out when I was about to leave you a VM and saw your profile... but the way you talk and your vocabulary is that of a much older person... lol
    Hey TLO.... I finally got the RNG down.... turns out my problem was me going on WiFi after finding my starting frame and therefore screwing up the saved frame.... anyway... thanks for the help... lol... whats up?... huh?... you're... young?... I always pictured you as a like 23 year old guy... lol
    I'm sorry dude, but I want to participate the skarmbliss VGC tournament so I can't battle anymore :s I totally forgot that =/
    Can we do the battle tomorrow this time?
    I was in another tourney match, sorry..
    I'll wait from now on in the wifi room ;)
    So let's say your timezone is -8..
    For me friday would be ok. 11 PM my time and 3 PM your time, does that work for you?
    Cool :)
    I live in Germany so my timezone is GMT+1.
    What's your timezone? For me the best time would be 10 PM in my timezone but of course 11 PM won't be a problem, either.
    Just tell me if that's ok for you ;)
    Yo TLO, is it cool if I cash my credits in for the S.Victreebell (my first random shiny when I played Gold), Shiny Muk and Shiny Marowak? I'd post this in your thread but...I didn't want to be accused of necromancy.
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