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  • Yes, I will hopefully get them from him as soon as his school year is over. I will go grab my DS and be on in like a minute or two. Please use my Diamond.
    Yep fine. I can wait for the bulbasaur and nidoking. But it would be better next time if you can have those two untouched if at all possible from Klock please. If not, it is good too.

    So should I see you on wifi? which fc to use? pls use hinata's on my sig (this is new last month).
    and also, would prefer them UT if possible...
    and a refresher on the four pokes: adamant blastoise/squirtle; klock's timid char, rash nidoking, and modest venusaur.
    I am on now... can we trade? which fc to use for you? I have a enw fc on my sig, same game my pearl game...
    Sure can :). Do you want torterra EV'd or UT? EV'd has SuperPower Tutored onto it and the UT one doesn't
    Sure, let me know when you want them. The 2 Miltank are on my HG because I abused them on there and Torterra is on platinum but I can transfer it to make the trade faster
    I understand, and no problem. Let me know when you will be on next so I can time my being here so we can do the trade. And thank you for replying. Hope everything goes very well with you and your school.
    Hi TFS, please reply to my PM/VM when you log back in here. I hope to hear from you soon!
    pls let me know if we can trade soon and if you everything is good with klock. thanks!
    No sorry. I only have AR codes on my ds flashcard and I rng on a orginal game card. Yeah sure, as soon as you think of a EV spread please let me know :)
    Hi. I'm doing that turtwig for you now :). I didn't get SuperPower as a egg move because I can tutor it on to torterra when I evolve it. What EV's would you like it to have?
    girafarig if you have it ev'd (you listed ev's but idk if that was just a recommended set or whatever...?)
    otherwise, arcanine ev'd, please. and i'll go online with mareeps and giratina.
    I'll do any spread and I'll do up to 4 pokes at once
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