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  • Pretty much anyone who answers in simple questions/requests is good for me but I don't think releasing it and battling the E4 will make it roam again.
    Que bueno ver que aún le sigues poniendo empeño a esto... yo espero a que llegue febrero para retomar el pokemon T-T
    I'll see if I get the hang of it! It's just that I'm little stupid sometimes and stuff gets complicated lol.
    yo acobo de comvencer a mi hermano que me deje jugar su SS :) pero no se si abusar mi id/sid :P
    You speak spanish right? Yo tengo D/P solamente pero para mesprit y cresselia, los tienes que abusar antes de liberarlos luego puedes utilizar el poketch app para ver en donde se encuntran. Normalmente you solo camino entre dos calles hasta que ellos deciden aparecer en alguna.
    Ok. I can probably get you the Carvanhas by tomorrow at the latest.
    I'm online now in Black.
    ALSO, on the Seedot, can you get the same spread you got on your original one? (31/30/31/30/31/30)
    All right, that works. By when do you want the Carvanha back?
    Also, are you sure there's nothing from my thread that you want? I can give you up to three Pokemon from it for the Seedot, since I figure that's fair.
    If you do breed another, could you make sure it's a male one? I could use it for some BPs of my own
    All right, but could I get the Seedot in 4th Gen? I can shift it myself for you
    Oh nice, anything you want in exchange for it?
    Also, what gen is your Seedot available in? And what gender is it?
    Sigo bastante ocupado, ni siquiera he podido tocar el pokemon en al menos 3 semanas >.<
    Cannot clone, but I can Lv up. However, I EV train and level up by battling. Can't do it with rare candies/wings. Still fast though.
    solo concéntrate en hacer un buen trabajo y todo saldrá de maravilla, espero que te vaya muy bien :D
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