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  • It is likely that the exact steps you take for catching tyrogue will differ from catching beldum. This is due to random frame advancements occurring from walking and the 128-step counter being tripped sometimes. No matter who you're catching, you will have to calibrate each time when doing radar abuse. Also, try to remember EXACTLY how you walk when going about this (like do you pause at all between steps/turns).

    For starters, try getting to know what your seed's patch arrangment looks like, then go into one of the patches and see what pokemon you get. Catch it and figure out what frame you hit. Depending on your target pokemon, the patch can be either common (green and shaky) or rare (white splashes in the grass). Pokeradar exclusive pokemon seem to only appear in the rare patches. Is tyrogue rare/radar exclusive or swarm? Beldum can appear in common patches or rare; I used a common patch for mine.
    1)Knowing patch arrangment is the quickest way to verify your seed. You can't use the coin flip app to verify seed if there is a wandering NPC screwing up your frames or if there is a weather effect (like rt 228 for beldum); so it's a good idea to practice identifying your seed through patch arrangement
    2)You will have to hit your seed several times to calibrate what frames you're hitting, but the general steps are as follows:
    ---a)First activate the radar
    ---b)Walk into a patch and kill the pokemon (if it's the right one) to start the chain
    ---c)After killing, you'll notice more patches spawn to continue the chain, DON'T walk into any of them.
    ---d)Reset the radar by walking 50 steps
    ---e)Use the radar to spawn a new patch arrangement

    You will advance some # of frames after step (d) to get the shiny patch to appear at step (e).
    After the shiny patch appears, you need to advance the frame to that of the IV/nature spread you found under chained shiny theoretical.
    These posts from RNG research thread have more info if you need it, it's where I copy pasted from into my guide:
    Here, here, and here.
    There was a slight problem in my steps, so I did some searching and found something a bit easier for you:

    Seed: 5F0206E5
    Shiny patch frame: 400
    IV frame of chained shiny: 994
    Delay: 1753

    Play around with this seed in RNG reporter 9.93 and researcher and see if you get the same results I did. If not, VM me again.

    Also, your shiny patch frame of 156 is ONLY for seed 3F121ED8. For DC08032D, the shiny patch frame would be at 873, with a 16bit value of 1. This is b/c I told you the steps out of order. I have a tentative guide up if you want to look at it; it still needs some review.
    Correct. The frame of 008 is also your shiny patch frame. If you're happy with the nature and IVs (was the chained shiny nature different from PokeRNG's nature?) then go ahead and find the spread at a frame higher than the shiny patch frame.
    You shouldn't have to change anything, LCRNG should be selected by default. That's what I used, and frankly, I don't know what the other ones mean. But you should be ok with LCRNG.
    Do the long combing search for delays (to get a high frame) ONLY after you've found a nature/IV spread that yields a shiny patch at all. This means that the 16 bit high value is less than 9 (if it's in scientific notation, it's no good) and it should be at some frame, which is the frame the shiny patch appears. You want to run a search of the nature/IV of this seed so the nature and IVs appear at a frame higher than the shiny patch frame (so that after making the shiny patch appear, you have frames to spare to abuse for the IVs and nature). Sorry for sounding so long winded, I'm still trying to get the hang of the details myself.
    Wait, don't look up high frames yet, I forgot something important. If the chained shiny spread you found yields a good nature, go to researcher and see if it will yield a shiny patch at all. To do that, put the seed of the spread in researcher and set custom 1 to 16 bit high, and the next pull down option to <<. Then hit generate. You'll get a long list, right click on the 16 bit high column and and export to CSV. Open it up and then filter the 16 bit high column (should be column C in excel); filter settings should be less than 9. If you don't get a good result, try another nature/IV spread that yields adamant (or your desired nature) in chained shiny.
    Example, 631214F6 yielded Naive and 31/31/31/12/31/31. But its at frame 25. To get it at a higher frame, I went back to pokeRNG and did subsequent searches. Nature set to Naive and the IV's set equal to 31/31/31/12/31/31, searched from 600 all the way to 8000 in 100 delay increments; meaning search for Naive 31/31/31/12/31/31 within delay range 600 to 700, then 700 to 800, and so on, taking note of whether or not I found a high enough frame. Lo and behold, within delay range of 5800 to 5900, I found seed 981716C9 that yielded naive with 31/31/31/12/31/31, and in RNG reporter 9.93, the nature was adamant with those IV's at frame 850. Basically, I used a very fine comb to find it at a higher frame.
    What I did to find mine was first do a search for the IVs I wanted (all 31's, 0 to 31 for sp att) within a delay range of 624 to 8,000 (624 is my pearl version delay). I found several pentaflawless. I plugged in the seeds of those spreads into RNG reporter 9.93 under chained shiny method, entered my TID and SID, and set the IV's exactly equal to the spread's IV's so I get an exact match. Looked at the nature to see if it was adamant, if it wasn't, continued with the other spreads. When I found adamant with one of the IV spreads, I took note of the nature and IV's.
    I'll tell you certain steps I think you should take care of first, then I'll add more in another VM:
    1)Look for a good IV spread through PokeRNG (nature is irrelevant), like all 31's except in special attack
    2)Put the seed of that IV spread in RNG reporter 9.93 as well as your Trainer ID and Secret ID.
    3)When generating results in RNG reporter 9.93, have the method as CHAINED SHINY
    4)Filter your search by setting the IVs equal to your desired IV spread from step 1
    5)You should see that under chained shiny method, the nature is probably different from what PokeRNG listed, but the IVs should be the same.
    6)If your nature is not the one you one under the chained shiny method (say you want adamant), keep going through other PokeRNG results until you find one spread that is adamant under chained shiny method (with the right IVs of course).

    Hope it's not too confusing, and I'll be glad to help more if I can.
    Well first off, it's not my method b/c I was walked through it all. Kaphotics is the brains behind the research and Goldenbanana is the first one I know to catch shiny beldum on a retail cart through this method. To be honest, Goldenbanana can help you much better since he walked me through it.

    You shouldn't have to abuse for another ID/SID to get a good spread, for example:
    Kaphotics abused for hexaflawless adamant beldum, but since you don't need special attack, I searched pentaflawless and had more results to work with. Yes, the spread you end up abusing for is specific to your ID/SID, but you shouldn't HAVE to abuse for another ID/SID. This is because you have already locked into a pokemon in the pokeradar, so encounter slots aren't really an issue, and then you abuse for appearance of the shiny patch. After you abuse for appearance of the shiny patch, since the pokemon will always be shiny AND it will be the pokemon you locked into, you abuse for nature and IVs.
    All right then. The UT versions of Azelf and Chimchar will be at Levels 52 and 13
    Nearly done EVing everything, do you want a UT version of Chimchar? (with all the egg moves intact)
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