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  • That's fine. wait id like to ask you, do you calibrate every time you start rng'ing? I tried calibrating once, and the results work fine until now. so should i start to calibrate again do you think it would help?
    cool thanks, im not going to add seconds ever. well i seem to get more hits when using your timer, but it always goes beyond my target, say for example im aiming for 50, it goes to 47 then 55, etc. but at least it gets hits unlike pikatimer which gets mostly "no elm call matches bla bla."
    target is; date/seconds/seed: it's November 13, 2010/50/C1110299 ; im thinking i can't hit november delays pretty much. Got one the other day, but took longer than i though.
    im going to try your timer. my delays and seconds are acting weird today, one time i got 43 seconds the next thing it became 59. :|
    just which spreads people would want to trade for...for instance I'm gonna capture a shiny Suicune and i want a poke that people will want anyway sending you my PIDs...just tell me which ones are the best please
    hey you know a lot about RNG right??? would you be willing to look through 20 of my method 1 PID seeds and tell me which ones are actually worthwhile? (I already use javaRNG and narrowed down like 550,000 to 20)
    thanks so much, i almost lost hope. Seeing that it had a stupid ability, and had no HP fire, but regardless, ill do my best to make other projects. Thanks so much. :)))
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