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  • I hope. I'm not the type to practice much, but if I'm determined I will. I've noticed since earlier that it is best to not have anything distracting you, cause it was throwing off my delay. Hmmm, could I get your consent on naming this pokemon after you (if it comes out male)?
    Yeah, and if I get something, say 5 times in a row should I update? I've never tried for more than around 700, but I've never hit my delay sooo, yeah I'm pretty sure the first few RNGs will take me atleast a few hours until I'm more comfortable with the timer. Yours is definitely better than pikatimer, especially with the higher beeps. I used mostly visual on the pikatimer, but gave up quick. I'm determined to it my delay by the end of today though ^^.
    Nope it makes sense :D So most likely after a while of hitting on the beeps I will probably hit my delay if I'm this close? Lol I'm asking this cause it gives me encouragement to keep trying.
    Hmm I got closer!! 569 which is technically 1 off. A few more tries and I should get it!! Thanks!! And from what you said, if I hit both early I would hit my delay? That sorta confused me :3
    Target Delay:571 Target second:15 Calibrated Delay:499 Calibrated second: 15
    First trial: 561
    Second Trial:549
    Third trial: 537
    Fourth: 561

    I seem to be getting more around the fifth trial now though. I think that does help though cause I look in the first part and don't in the second, so maybe if I don't look at all it will work! ^-^ Thanks.
    Yes I understand it somewhat. It seems to help me to count down the 6 beeps. If you go on diabolico's profile you can see 5 trial runs- the ones far off are ones that I knew I messed up.
    499... I'll try a few more times and give you an update as to what I'm getting. I just need to learn RNG cause I keep putting it off. I seem to get alot closer with your timer so, thanks!!
    Target:15 seconds 571 Update:569 I think it went down like .2 seconds. I'm pretty sure it is something I'm doing, but I have no idea what it is :/
    I've been trying to hit my seed, and when I get a close delay and have hit it atleast twice I update it on your timer. Then the next time I start the timer and try hitting at 0, the Elm responses can't be found. It is probably me cause I'm still trying to RNG my first pokemon, but do you know what I'm doing wrong?
    My finals week are near and I'm studying like a crazy person, ahaha. I'll give ya a go when I start abusing this Christmas break for my new shiny spread ^_^

    Though because I'm kinda computer illiterate...I don't know how much help I can be save giving you positive feedback, XD.
    Yeah, check my shop! It's finished. If you ever need anything I'll give you a credit in my shop for helpin' me out :D
    The beeps will take getting used to, is the last second divded into fourths or what? As far as beeps? I'm just cranky about this whole process. I've never had this much trouble.
    Honestly dude, I'm open to anything. I've been RNG'ing for awhile now and I've never had this problem. I simply DO NOT understand what's goin' on!!! Link?
    I'm afraid not :/ but this is probably something that I'll just have to try out in the end I guess, haha.
    Hi there Toast, we don't know each other I don't think, but I'm just curious to know what your timer has to offer. I would download it and try it out, but truth be told I'm lazy and thought to just go to the source. Obviously, since you made a new one, it has to be different then pikatimer in some respects - just wanting to know the benefits :)

    Thanks for your time ^_^
    Alright cool. It essentially serves the same purpose though right? Allowing you to hit high delays?
    Hey could you explain further on what I stated about Pikatimer? I'm a little confused. And how does your timer differ? If it's better then I want to use it!!! :P
    i'll try again later, ill never mess with (-/+) seconds again, and hopefully history will not repeat itself. :|
    idk, i always save near the old daycare man. and i don't have roamers. yeah pretty weird huh..
    yes. However i don't want another frame of 5. It wasn't recognized by the reporter, :| but i managed to figure out the order. lucky.
    K, did it. though i was afraid it was on a frame of 5. Weird, this was a very lucky breed. :|
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