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  • Yeah, I called joey right after I found out I had the right delay. I have it more indepth on the help forum thing. Nobody called. I'm annoyed cause now that I hit delays there is something else wrong lol.
    Now 661 :P So if this is anything like the one before could I possibly put 659 in rough?
    It could be shiny for yours, since I will be nn it after you, if you would want it...
    Where do I put the seed number at to find it?
    Hmm if this isn't to much to ask could you find one so that I know I'm using a real seed?
    I know :/ Should I try for a seed with a higher frame of like three (which I advance by calling joey once right?) and let you know it if works?
    I hadn't used that SID, and was I supposed to search it in 4th generation time finder? So that SID isn't possible? Hmmm stupid code.
    *facepalm* posted them on my profile D: here is what I posted.
    Yep today, 64789,SID being 69690. Although another problem would be that when I put in my SID it changes to a different one...
    I got fast hatch and the poke was nothing that I wanted it to be. D: I know for sure that I hit my delay and seconds, but idk what happened. I didn't get called before the egg. Was it maybe because I chose frame 1?
    Yay :D I think before I do Iv's I'll add the fast egg hatch code to save myself headache :D I'm so happy that I FINALLY hit the delay :3 But I just hatched it and it didn't turn out the way I wanted it. I didn't want it shiny so I left my SID 0... :/
    For HG, once the stuff is done by the daycare man the IVs are only affected if someone calls right? Jw, cause I don't have fast hatch D: Also how did you determine to use rough and 567? That way I can use the equation or whatever for other delays...
    I hit my delay!! Lol on my 4th try. Now to try and get through the thing without my "mother" calling.
    Hmm. I was consistently hitting 569 and then updated it, and still got the same thing. I was thinking if I made the target time or updated it to 573 it would help me hit 571, but I got 567 most often. Any idea on what I should put in so that if I hit early I could be hitting 571?
    I've never battled, so I guess you could call me a collector too, but nowadays I collect more IV'd pokes and events than just shinies. Bulba is a good place for events and dream world pokes (I have black:D) while this place has IV'd pokes galore lol.
    Here or bulba? As soon as I get a few RNGs done here I probably will. As for bulba, I didn't get many worthwhile trades, so there is about a 50/50 chance for that.
    I only ask cause I like the idea of naming stuff after other smogon users that have helped me xD. I guess the reason why I've never liked to practice is because I never really needed to. I've always done really well in school without studying, although, I think if I figure out how to do this through practicing, I'll be more inclined to study for school, which will help me in the longrun. Idk if that makes any sense, but it does to me. Anyway, thanks for all your help, and I'll let you know if I ever hit my delay. :3
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