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  • Hey,

    Lucky7 is just an IRL friend. So yeah, no need to get angry with him, but of course, he should tone down as well. Thanks for defending me though. =)
    Couple of things:

    1. Roughly translated, "You got it all wrong"
    2. learn to english? Speak for yourself, asshole
    3. Why do you care so much about ShinyAzelf, I never heard of online obsessions b4
    4. He's an IRL friend, so why do you care?

    +ShinyAzelf doesn't really give a shit, and everything you can do over the net? PAH, what a joke. I can punch ShinyAzelf in the face right now and all you can do is call me a retard "over the net"

    Just give up (BAN ME PLEASE), don't walk into other people's business without even understanding half of the situation.
    Do your worst asshole, you probably don't even understand what I wrote, besides, nothing can compensate for a real punch in the face (Which I CAN deliver)
    tomtom, sorry I haven't logged on for a while.

    Yes, what you describe is perfectly possible. If a Pokemon can't use a move because of Taunt, it hasn't used that move and so a Choice Item won't lock it into that move. It's free to pick a different one.
    Absolutely! First, try out this site. It has sprites for almost every game and every Pokemon. Find out which game you want the sprites from, and which gender, shinyness, and frame you want (frame is basically a different pose that composes the sprite animation- not present in all games). Then copy the image URL, by either copying it out of the address bar or right-clicking on the image and hitting "copy Image url" or "copy image location". Then you use the image function, by either using .

    Let me know if you're still confused!
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