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  • Hey man we need to battle for the tour, my GMT is -3, and im normally online on smogon universaty server as mamaluigii, please post when you can battle...
    Hello there Scientist. You haven’t been very active in the SSIS lately. We need you in the Science and Engineering Dept. To help lead out in pokémon studies and development. Please check out the SSIS and the Sci and Eng Dept. ASAP and give all the input you can.
    oooh! i'd love to see some sort of mod rating system. Are you a bad, good, or decent poster?
    Modding is not something you see except for locking threads. Usually no one notices when dumb posts within a thread are deleted (except for huge off-topic arguments), and you don't really know if a mod has given a warning unless a certain member has suddenly gone into ICBB or is banned - and even then, how do you know which mod gave the warning? I've already done a ton of modding, but I doubt you've noticed.
    I'll be on irc this evening if you need any help. Sorry about being so busy the past 2 days.
    In case you haven't realized, that's what it says bolded on the first line. I'm going to be on holiday starting on tomorrow, so I'll get back to it as fast as possible.
    just fyi, nails was with ru since around the time it was made

    just felt like changing my name lol
    There's not a viable market for doing a regional here. Not to mention that most of this will be run by the same staff/set ups that do TCG now, and we don't even have a TCG league here. The closest TCG set up is Calgary, but it'll still likely be Vancouver-- and Montreal-- for our regionals with Nationals already set in Toronto.

    At least I don't have to play in the US anymore. I qualified and won a trip to Hawaii for Worlds in 2010 by playing in the US, but I think Canada will be altogether easier. :p
    I'm actually one of the original founding Admins - I just retired from that when I got married and took up Moderating a bit.

    The closest will likely be in Vancouver, although Calgary would be nice, but I doubt that'd happen.
    could you just put "i dont believe and god and im proud of it" or something, i dont see why you need to be like "no one gives a shit HEH" because no one gives a shit if you believe in god either, so you just look like a stupid hypocrite. it isnt especially witty or interesting either way
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