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  • Nah, I'm good man. Thanks for asking though. It's really more that pkmn has taken a back seat right now for me. I already caught onto 4th gen RNG so I'll probably be able to do 5th (or w/e after) when I'm set to get into it again. haha
    If you'd like to contribute to the website or the community, there are several places you could start.

    If you've played any of the metagames Smogon follows, you could write an analysis on Pokemon you've used well on Pokemon Online or on Wi-fi. Make sure you've thoroughly tested your sets before you write an analysis, though. If you have some insightful team building knowledge, try lending a hand in the Rate My Team forum with recommendations and team advice. Finally, If you're able to help out a community in a unique way that goes above and beyond what a normal forum member does, you may be considered a community contributor and receive the very badge I have.

    However, I will say that I've seen your previous attempts at contributing to the site and the forums, and I think that you need to lurk for a while and get a feel for what's expected here. Generally, asking for badges or moderator stance isn't a good idea and can lead to you being ridiculed.
    #pokemon is a good channel to start on IRC-wise. If you're into a specific metagame (UU, RU, NU, etc.) you can also join channels like that. is what you're looking for in regards to IRC.

    In terms of contributing, it's mostly just either good posting in forums (RMT, the metagame forums, etc.), or making analyses if you have a good understanding of the english language. If you know another language and can translate between that and English you can also help in the translations subforum.... that's all i got
    -kd24 is the one that's banned

    it's generally not a good idea to go around impersonating people, but i don't know the full details of the ban so i cant really comment
    ah thats fine, ive experienced that myself as well! in any case gl with your rates!!
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