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  • Hi Ulevo, just checked out your defense tiers cause im a nerd and thats interesting to me :) So I was wondering why exactly you take base log of 1.1 after multiplying HP and Defense. It seems much easier to comprehend the whole number- say 400 HP and 300 defense gives you 120,000 defensive rating. Mainly, no defense Blissey to max defense going from about 110 to 119 in these ratings doesn't make it immediately obvious that its physical capability is more than doubling. Im sure there's a really good reason, just wondering.
    not really important enough to go in the thread but i thought it might interest you a little?

    'However, prior to it's first mentioning in the nomination thread, NO ONE had even muttered a word of Rankurusu...So what. Was Rankurusu a problem this entire time and no one said anything?'

    That wasn't the first. To my knowledge, the first 'nomination' of Rankurusu was back in December. It never really gained any momentum at the time and after a few replies such as 'lol are you serious' and 'use spiritomb,' it fizzled out.


    Not of great importance but it does answer your question.
    you're a genius man

    and this is coming from someone who isn't jrr so you know it's legit :toast:
    I love your post their so wise and insightful you really need to be more recognize in smogon
    Hey, recently been ploughing through all of the recent pr threads and just wanted to say that I continually find your posts insightful and very underrated. Keep up the good work mate =D
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