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  • Heehee~ No problemo. I never really have a problem EV training, cloning(when AR is present), or trading you any needed items. Just ask away and I'll do my best to hop to it for ya.

    Now to make a team using your ever soo awesome Aerodactyl. Hahaha! I'll post it when I'm done to see what ya think of it okay? Thanks again for Dacky! =)
    Hmmm. Lol I have none in mind either but I think I can take it as is and if I come up with one down the road I cantrade back and have it NN :). Meet you on wifi?
    No problem. Just let me know when you manage to get a copy of the Aero and VM okay? =]

    Also could you NN it with something of your preference? I want it to be known that it was your Aerodactyl I'm using as a Lead xD.
    I'm getting them cloned right now, do you care much about Psyduck's hatch location or can I just hatch it with one of the billion other eggs I need to hatch
    The Pokemon you send to me must be from the game you need the SID check for.
    In other words, if you want your SID for Platinum checked, I need a Pokemon from said game sent to me.
    Hey Vappy. Your Swablu is ready for pick up. I'm almost done with the battle factory so that I can teach him Heal Bell and then I can meet you on wifi. =]
    I thought I had enough points but it turns out I had to do the battle factory 3x to get enough points to tutor Heal Bell since it was 48 BP and I only had 36 xD.
    The Pidgey I can definitely do (after I find a cloner). I guess I can hatch Psyduck again (after I find a cloner also)
    I'd like to think so, although none of the stuff I have written was too challenging. Are you gonna stick around for Gen V?
    I will, but not too much. xD
    I can't right now as I'm working on the Articuno...Sorry.
    I have been playing Dragon Quest IX alot, and just taking it easy. It sucks when your boxes get full. >_<
    Pretty good. Been working on stuff in the In-Game part of C&C, 3 things published and working on 4 other ones right now. I basically quit WiFi until maybe Gen V though. How about you?
    Okay sure. Sorry for the sudden change in pokemon. =[
    I'll be on wifi and waiting for you. I should have it done in no time but it may take a little time to get the BPs to tutor swablu/Altaria.

    Thanks for letting me EV train for you btw.
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